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It’s tough to travel in the United States right now, what with all the restrictions placed on tourists by the coronavirus pandemic.

But that’s nothing new, as far as the Duggars are concerned — in fact, they’ve always been forced to follow a million annoying rules while on vacation!

Duggar Family Reunion 2020
Photo via Instagram

As you know, the Duggars love rules.

The members of the younger generation have basically structured their lives around following regulations and avoiding punishments.

There’s a rule for every occasion — and if the Bible doesn’t have a specific scenario covered, you better believe Jim Bob’s got some strict instructions for the situation at hand!

Jim Bob Duggar: Father of the Groom

Of course, the Duggars aren’t so big on following rules laid out by the government or the scientific community, which explains why some of them have been refusing to follow coronavirus safety guidelines.

But that’s a conversation for another time.

What we’re focusing on today is the arbitrary, nonsensical set of rules laid out by Jim Bob and Michelle — and the offspring who rebel by ignoring said rules.

Jana Duggar Counting On! Photo
Photo via Instagram

The latest Duggar to demonstrate a defiant streak is Jana.

Yes, she might be the last one you would expect, considering she’s spent her life in devoted service to her parents, but it seems that the age of 30, Jana has finally decided that some of her parents’ rules are made to be broken.

Take, for example, the restriction on women traveling without chaperones.

Jana Duggar in a Skirt
Photo via Instagram

Sounds pretty absurd that a grown woman would be expected to abide by such a ridiculous mandate in 2020, right?

Well, it’s possible that Jana feels that way, too. 

Earlier this week, Jana posted a photo to her Instagram page, and some fans have taken it as a sign that she’s decided to flout the family rules by skipping town for a solo vacation.

Jana Duggar on Vacation

“Who else loves fresh coconut??” she captioned the pic.

Instantly, fans began to answer Jana’s question with a question.

But they were less concerned with her opinion on tropical fruit than with with her whereabouts.

Jana Marie Duggar on TLC

"It’s delicious! Where are you, in this post?" one follower commented.

"Yes…..where are you??" a second fan chimed in.

Jana didn’t reply to any of the comments inquiring as to her whereabouts, and of course, that only heightened fans’ curiosity.

Jana Duggar Outside
Photo via Instagram

The eldest Duggar daughter rarely posts on Instagram, so it’s not hard to see why so many arrived at the conclusion that she’s trying to send a message with this photo.

Many pointed out that she likely wouldn’t be violating the Duggar dress code by rolling up her sleeves if Jim Bob and Michelle were in the vicinity.

As we said earlier, it’s rare for any Duggar to travel alone, and it’s flat-out forbidden for women.

Laura DeMasie, Jana Duggar Photo

This might be especially true for Jana.

Just last year, Jim Bob chaperoned Jana’s trip to Vegas with best friend Laura DeMasie.

Insiders have claimed that Jim Bob feared that Jana was in love with Laura, and he insisted on tagging along to ensure that their relationship remained purely platonic.

Laura later moved to Atlanta, and some believe she was essentially "sent away" by Jim Bob, who may have hooked her up with a career opportunity in Georgia and strongly encouraged her to flee the state.

Is it possible that Jana skipped town to spend time with her lifelong BFF?

If that turns out to be the case, then buckle up, because this situation will likely develop into yet another Duggar scandal!