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Given all that’s transpired over the last four years, you’ll need to forgive Jacob Roloff.

But he’s not about to be a good winner right about now.

Even if that means pissing off members of his own family.

Jeremy and Jacob Roloff at Wedding
Photo via Instagram

As you may have heard, Joe Biden won the Presidential Election this past Saturday, following three-plus days of vote-counting across such states as Pennsylvania and Nevada.

As you also may have heard, Donald Trump is not taking the news well.

He’s making reckless and baseless accusations about voter fraud and demanding some states to stop counting votes, while encouraging other states to keep counting votes.

The Commander-in-Chief is going down… and he’s trying to take all of Democracy down with him.

Jeremy and Jacob
Photo via Instagram

Jacob, meanwhile, shared a Instagram post on Sunday, a day after Biden was elected the 46th President of the United States.

"If you’re on the right, I genuinely feel sorry if you think this election will be overturned," the former Little People, Big World star wrote, adding:

"Q has melted your brains. On the left, simply do not worry anymore about Trump and look toward involving yourself in building a better world now.

"Join an org, a union, a book club, whatever, just keep exploring how we can build a better world now."

To conclude, the 23-year old quipped: "It’s socialism or barbarism here on out…"

Jeremy likely angered a bunch of social media users out there, including his very own brother.

Earlier this month, Jeremy Roloff retweeted a message that stated all looters and rioters were democrats.

Jacob took extreme exception to this allegation, calling his sibling out and continuing a feud that started back in the summer after Jeremy also spread conspiracy theories about wildfires in Oregon.

Jacob Roloff on His Gram
Photo via Instagram

Then, just a few days ago, Jacob basically called Jeremy a moron.

As the 2020 US election results rolled in last week, Jacob called on followers to remember to "protect your intellect" from others who refuse to accept facts.

The youngest son of Amy and Matt Roloff shared a tweet from a justice reporter that read as follows:

"His path to victory narrowing, President Donald Trump is baselessly alleging massive voter fraud criminal conspiracies."

Jacob Roloff and Some Family
Photo via Instagram

Continued Jacob:

"Millions of Americans are primed to believe him. Prominent Republicans and DOJ have said nothing to reassure the American public."

He then said, of Trump supporters that refuse to acknowledge the reality of the situation:

"My brother is one of these millions, and your brother, mother, sister, father, grand-something probably is too.

"Protect your intellect."

Back in 2016, Jacob quit Little People, Big World because he said the show was scripted and his family acted like a bunch of phonies on air.

Say what you want about the guy now, but one thing is certain:

Jacob is not a phony.

This is an outspoken individual who always, always keeps it real.