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Over this past weekend, Jacob Roloff hung out with his niece and nephew.

As you can see below, the former reality star and his wife spent some time on Halloween with Jeremy Roloff’s kids, making it look as if Jacob was no longer feuding with his sibling.

Photo via Instagram


Things are not always as they appear.

Earlier this week, Jacob took serious issue with Jeremy’s stances on both politics and, well, people in general.

On Election Day, Jeremy agreed with a tweet that read as follows:

“Not all Democrats are looters and rioters but all looters and rioters are Democrats."

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff Anniversary Pic
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This take, ironically, aged very poorly almost immediately because Donald Trump supporters are currently protesting in various cities because they’re unhappy with the ongoing election results.

But it was a poor and, frankly, racist take from the outset.

Those on the Right aren’t exactly known for being calm and peaceful, which is why Jacob simply had to call his brother out.

“Interesting lil truth ain’t it," Jeremy wrote in response to the looting and rioting Tweet, as you can see here:

After seeing his brother’s post, Jacob quote-tweeted it and added:

“There’s an equal amount of circumstantial evidence to say: Not all Republicans are bigots and racists, but all bigots and racists are Republican."


You see what he did there, don’t you?

Jeremy and Jacob
Photo via Instagram

I personally wouldn’t use this flawed logic, but it isn’t ‘truth,’" Jacob added along with his message.

Jacob later trashed Jeremy for the allegations he made about where he thinks President Trump stands on “LGBT and freedom.”

This is far from the first time Jacob has spoken out against his own family, too.

Just about two months ago, he attacked Jeremy for spreading wild conspiracy theories about the wildfires in Oregon.

Isabel, Jacob and Ember
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On his Instagram Stories page in mid-September, Jeremy alerted followers to the rumor that many of those very dangerous fires were started by arsonists.

There was no evidence at all to support this claim.

"How is even this [arson] being considered a conspiracy?" asked Jeremy back then, adding:

"Truth is truly under attack. This is a spiritual war and every person alive needs to be begging God for discernment and vision.

"The age of information is prove to supply us with nothing but confusion . Every issue has ‘facts’ on both sides. It’s nauseating."

Audrey and Jeremy Together
Photo via Instagram

How did Jacob weigh in after many followers asked him to comment about his sibling’s take?

"Many many people message me re: my brother and his posts," Jacob wrote.

"I (try to) speak to him often, and especially when it is overt disinformation. Like today. I wish it wasn’t so! But it is.

"Educate and speak to the people around you! Resistance to the glut and easiness of conspiracies is hugely important right now."

On a Road Trip
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In June, meanwhile, Jacob called out his own family members for their white privilege.

"Keep marching, keep confronting, keep talking, keep educating… For a better world NOW," he wrote amid the George Floyd protests.

Jacob then asked people to donate to important causes.

And, yes, he was very much talking to other Roloffs with this message.

Jacob and Wife and Mom
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Wrote Jacob this summer, upon making such a plea:

"Tagging my family (those with great followings) because they have majority white audiences who desperately require a call to solidarity with these protesters and dissenters."

Well said, Jacob.

Well said all around.