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Jacob Roloff took a break from feuding with one sibling this week…

… in order to spend time with another.

Jacob with Molly

For those that have been paying attention, Jacob and Jeremy Roloff have gone back and forth on social media over the recent Presidential Election.

Specifically, Jacob has called Jeremy out for being a Donald Trump voter.

Heck, to be honest, Jacob has gone ahead and called out all Donald Trump voters.

"If you’re on the right, I genuinely feel sorry if you think this election will be overturned," the former Little People, Big World star wrote, offering up this suggestion:

"Join an org, a union, a book club, whatever, just keep exploring how we can build a better world now."

Jeremy and Jacob Roloff at Wedding

As you might expect, Jacob took some heat for this message.

Which may explain why he and wife Isabel were very happy to find some tranquility when Jacob’s older sister, Molly, stopped by a couple days ago.

"Molly came to visit," Isabel wrote as a simple caption to the photo far above, later adding: "Love."

Isabel also posted a video in her instagram Stories of the three playing scrabble.

Molly, of course, has been content to live a reclusive life in Washington with her husband Joel for the past few years.

Or, if reclusive isn’t the right word, then she’s at least chosen to remain far out of the Roloff-related spotlight that has enveloped her siblings, all of whom have starred on Little People, Big World.

But Jacob quit this program back in 2016, saying at the time that he simply couldn’t stomach the phony storylines and the many ways in which his family members were simply acting for the camera.

He has made the occasional appearance in the years since, though.

Jacob Roloff on His Gram

We can’t say for certain what Jacob and Molly talked about during their hang session this week, but it seems hard to believe that Jacob’s rivalry with Jeremy wasn’t on the agenda.

The siblings found themselves at extreme odds on Election day Jeremy agreed with a Tweet that read:

“Not all Democrats are looters and rioters but all looters and rioters are Democrats."

In response, Jacob fired back:

“There’s an equal amount of circumstantial evidence to say: Not all Republicans are bigots and racists, but all bigots and racists are Republican."

Jeremy and Jacob

“I personally wouldn’t use this flawed logic, but it isn’t truth," Jacob wrote to put a temporary bow on his argument with Jeremy.

Molly never weighed in on this topic and these harsh words exchanged between her brothers, which has been her modus operandi since moving away from Oregon.

She’s on perfectly good terms with her relatives, yet has chosen to remove herself from all of their drama.

And that decision looks like a good one right now, doesn’t it?