Gia Giudice: Screw Teresa! I Wanna Move to Italy and Live With Joe!

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After years of unpredictable drama and non-stop insanity, things are finally beginning to settle down for the Giudice family of Real Housewives of New Jersey fame.

Joe has settled into his new life in Italy; Teresa is dating Luis Ruelas; and the kids are coming to terms with being members of a trans-continental family.

Joe With Gia

No doubt at first, the four Giudice daughters were devastated by the news that their father was being deported to Italy.

But it seems that these days, they're beginning to see the silver linings in that dark cloud.

For example, the girls now have an excuse to jet off to Italy several times a year!

Gia, Joe, Milania

Yes, Joe and Teresa have made up for years of shoddy parenting by putting their kids' needs ahead of their own in this situation.

They had a big family reunion shortly after Joe got settled in his homeland, and now the couple's eldest daughters -- 19-year-old Gia and 15-year-old Melania -- have made a return trip to spend some time with their beloved father.

And based on the pics, it seems the teens had quite a time checking out Joe's new home.

The Giudices In Rome

They did some sightseeing in Rome, and they visited relatives in Sala Consilina, where Joe has been living for most of the past year.

No word on whether or not the girls met Joe's new girlfriend -- an Italian lawyer -- but it certainly seems that not a moment was wasted.

The Giudices haven't seemed particularly worried about Covid-19 transmission during these trips, but that's a conversation for another time.

Joe Giudice Stands in the Cold with Gia Giudice

While we'd like to see a bit more mask-wearing, we understand that these trips are important for the girls.

Not only do they get to spend time with their father, they also leave with some top-notch content to post, which is important for budding influencers like Gia.

The eldest Giudice daughter already has 720,000 followers, which is impressive at any age, but is downright mind-blowing for a 19-year-old college student who's mostly known for her involvement with a reality show that peaked several years ago.

Giudice, Gia

Gia got a nose job recently, and based on the reaction on social media, you would've thought she's a well-established A-lister.

That sort of response certainly bodes well for Gia's future popularity.

Of course, Milania shouldn't be counted out, either.

Joe and Milania Giudice

Sure, it's been a rough year for people with her first name, but the high school sophomore already has 165,000 followers and counting, which is not too shabby.

She also documented her visit with Juicy Joe, and her followers were clearly delighted with their look at the newly-functional Giudice clan.

“I have the most fun with you,” Milania captioned one photo of her and her troubled father.

It might be a long, long time before the Giudice clan is able to achieve anything resembling normalcy.

But it seems that Joe and Teresa's four daughters are adjusting well to what might be described as their new normal.

All joking aside, you love to see that sort of resilience.

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