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There were several times in recent years when Joe Giudice could have benefited greatly from the help of a good lawyer.

Now, it seems he gets to "consult" with one every night!

Joe Giudice With No Shirt
Photo via Instagram

Yes, just one month after finalizing his divorce from Teresa Giudice, Juicy Joe has a new girlfriend.

Updates from Joe are rare these days, as he’s been living the Mediterranean life since being deported to Italy last year.

Joe has been keeping busy with a YouTube series in which he restores an old Italian villa.

Joe Giudice Mocks the Lockdown

But life in a different country where you don’t even speak the language must get awfully lonely.

Fortunately, Joe has found himself a new companion.

“I’m actually seeing a lawyer,” Joe said during a virtual interview on The Wendy Williams Show on Friday.

“She’s helping out a lot out here, it’s good because I have a lot going on out here and she’s putting together a lot of deals for me. We’ve been seeing each other you know what I mean,” he added.

Photo via Instagram

“I wouldn’t say she’s my girlfriend, but we’re hanging out together.”

Joe, you’re 48 years old.

If you’re "seeing someone," and it’s serious enough that you’re talking about them during a nationally-televised interview, that’s your girlfriend.

Joe Giudice in Shades
Photo via Instagram

We’re not sure why Joe is being so cagey about the situation.

It’s not like he has anything to be ashamed of.

After all, Teresa started dating other people (allegedly) while Joe was still locked up in the States.

But it seems Joe still has some raw feelings over how the relationship ended.

Teresa and Joe Giudice Throwback

Asked by Wendy (never the most tactful interview) what came between the Giudices, Joe answered evasively and pretended it was simply a matter of geography.

“The distance and how’s it going to work? She’s over there [in New Jersey] I’m over here [in Italy],” he said.  

“There’s no way it’s going to work no matter where I’m at. What am I going to do pull the kids out of school to come here?" Joe asked.

Joe Giudice on a Sofa

"What are we doing to do with the kids? — It just won’t work,” he continued, adding that the split “really wasn’t by choice. We fought and fought and fought.”

Indeed, it seems Joe did try to save the marriage shortly after he was shipped off to the Boot.

But it came off as an act of desperation from a lonely, frightened man, and Teresa probably picked up on that.

Joe Giudice Realizes That It's Over
Photo via Bravo

Besides, by that point, Joe’s overtures were too little, too late.

The Giudices had been having problems for years before Joe was deported.

Few expected that their marriage would survive back-to-back prison sentences (Teresa went first; Joe served his longer sentence after she was released).

And it turned out the cynics were right.

Teresa Giudice and Joe Giudice Kiss
Photo via Instagram

The Giudices argued non-stop during their time on The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

When Teresa began serving her sentence for tax fraud, rumors about Joe cheating on her started up almost immediately.

They were never proven, as far as we know, but those weren’t the best circumstances for Joe to begin serving his 40-month bid, and getting deported afterward certainly didn’t help.

Joe Giudice in All Black
Photo via Instagram

Anyway, despite it all, it seems Joe and Teresa still have an awkwardly close relationship.

In addition to his home renovation show, Joe is now in the sex toy business, and it seems he recently sent Teresa some … samples.

Yes, 2020 just got even weirder, as we now know that Joe shipped vibrators to Teresa and her friends.

Wendy Williams on a Set
Photo via Wendy Williams

“I sent them out to my wife and her friends. I made sure it was good before getting into anything," he told Williams.

"Since I got to pay her every month, why not get involved and help," Joe added.

"It’s a business I’ve always wanted to get into. I just happen to meet the right guy at the right time during quarantine, and we talked and formed a business together."

Joseph Giudice
Photo via Bravo

Always the gentleman, Joe also sent one of his signature products to Wendy.

Williams also got divorced this year, and she seemed appreciative of the new companion.

"Thank you for the gift. I opened it. It buzzes," she said.

"I heard you got divorced. So I wanted to send you something. They’re great divorce gifts," Joe said.

"Thank you, Joe. Thank you for thinking of me," Wendy awkwardly concluded.

Well, Joe pining for his ex and giving other women vibrators probably didn’t leave his new girlfriend with the best impression.

But hey — he knows her better than we do!  Maybe she doesn’t speak English!