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Given some of the obnoxious things he’s said over the course of his career, you hate to give Bill Maher too much credit — but in this case, the controversial HBO host has certainly earned it.

For years now, Maher has been telling the world that Donald Trump will refuse to leave office in 2021, even if he’s beaten in a fair and free election.

President Donald Trump, No Mask
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Now, that’s exactly what’s taking place, and it’s getting harder and harder to imagine a transfer of power that doesn’t involve the president being forcibly removed from office on Inauguration Day.

The good news is that on January 20, 2021, Joe Biden will become the commander-in-chief of the United States military, and he will have the authority to issue such an order.

The bad news is, the sight of an American president being dragged out of the White House won’t do many wonders for America’s already-battered reputation in the global community.

Donald Trump at Press Conference
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Of course, while Maher has been correct in many of his predictions up to this point, it remains unlikely that this situation will result in any sort of physical confrontation.

Those who know the president best, such as former staffer Anthony Scaramucci, enjoy reminding us that Trump "has never been in a fight in his life," and he’s probably not looking to break that streak by taking on a troop of Navy SEALs at the age of 74.

But while our current conflict probably won’t culminate in an Oval Office tussle, it’s tough to imagine a resolution that will leave both sides feeling as though justice has been served.

Donald Trump in Wisconsin

The president’s supporters are convinced that Trump can still win, despite the fact that Joe Biden now enjoys leads in the Electoral College and popular vote that are greater than Trump’s margin of victory over Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Over the weekend, Trump even tweeted that Biden was the winner of the election, but he declared that the results would be invalidated by a forthcoming fraud investigation.

The problem for Trump and his cronies is that there’s no evidence of fraud, and even the president’s most loyal media outlets are now referring to Biden as the president-elect.

Joe Biden, Donald Trump
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A recent CNN report contained an account of Trump supporters chanting "Fox News sucks!" outside a vote counting location in Arizona.

Needless to say, Trump supporters’ opinions of Fox have shifted dramatically in recent months, and that’s largely due to how critical the president has been of his former favorite network.

He recently went so far as to blame Fox for the widespread perception that Biden is the rightful president-elect.

Donald Trump in Battle Creek
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"The biggest difference between the 2016 Election, and 2020, was @FoxNews!" Trump tweeted this week.

It seems at this point that even the president’s supporters are aware of his desperation, but they also seem to see themselves as his cohorts in a desperate struggle against a corrupt cabal of usurpers.

Over the weekend, thousands of Trump supporters descended on DC for the inaptly-named Million MAGA March.

Donald Trump is Sad
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It’s unclear what their objective was, but they didn’t manage to send much of a message on a national scale.

At this point, our greatest hope for a peaceful transfer of power might be that Trump will be attracted to an idea that he likes even more than the notion of a second term in the White House.

Fortunately, he may have found one.

Insiders say Trump is planning to launch a news network that he hopes will replace Fox as the nation’s leader in right-leaning political coverage.

President Donald Trump in Texas
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If we know anything about the president, it’s that few things motivate him quite like revenge.

So it’s possible that his recent attacks against Fox have been less about winning a second term in office and more about setting the stage for his own news network.

No doubt his followers would be greatly disappointed by such a development, but what’s bad for them — and the national news media — might turn out to be the best thing for America as a whole.