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Whether you dislike her or strongly dislike her, there’s no denying that Clare Crawley is a Bachelorette unlike any other.

We say that not to rag on Clare; we’re just pointing out that ragging on Clare seems to be one the internet’s favorite pastimes these days, second only to obsessing over red and blue maps.

Dale and Clare

We knew going into this season that Clare would be replaced by Tayshia Adams after finding love with Dale Moss and exiting the show early.

What we didn’t know — at least not completely — is what a trainwreck Clare’s first episodes would be.

From naked dodgeball to multiple canceled dates, Clare has a unique knack for outraging viewers who wanted to turn to The Bachelorette for a modicum of normalcy in these bonkers times.

Clare Crawley Reacts!

We may never know for sure if Clare was fired or if she left the show the show of her own volition, but eventually, there will be an answer to one of the other big questions surrounding this season:

Are Clare and Dale still together?

More importantly, is there any truth to the rumor that Clare and Dale are engaged?

Well, if this post from the Bachelor Nation Facebook group is to be believed, the answer to both questions is a resounding yes.

Yes, it seems Clare has been sporting a sizable rock, and it also looks as though she’s not making any effort to hide it.

"Claire has a HUGE rock on her hand… not the little one she gave herself as a promise ring!!" the user wrote.

Clare Crawley Promo Image

"Is she letting the world know she’s engaged (is that even allowed)?! If so, Congrats to her and Dale! It’s stunning!"

In asking if Clare is allowed to display her engagement, the user is clearly referring to the famously strict non-disclosure agreements that all participants sign before they start filming.

Of course, the policy might be a little more relaxed in Clare’s case, as the whole world already knows she and Dale will be exiting the show very soon.

Photo via ABC

Whatever the case, she’s certainly not giving any interviews these days.

But that’s not stopping insiders — like Bachelorette Season 4 star DeAnna Pappas — from speaking out about Clare and Dale.

“What I encouraged both of them to do is definitely enjoy the ride, take the opportunities because they’ll forever change the way their lives go and to love it and enjoy it but also to nurture and take care of what they have,” DeAnna told Ashley Iaconetti and Ben Higgins on their Almost Famous podcast.

Photo via ABC

“So, I think that would make her so happy just to be in Sacramento and live her life and live her love story with Dale and she’s totally fine with that. She’s waited a really long time.”

Pappas went on to say that the whole experience of the show has been emotionally draining for Clare.

“She has been put through the ringer and I think anybody who’s been on the show — and the two of you can relate to this — it is hard,” DeAnna said.

DeAnna Pappas, Husband

“She’s just been put through the wringer and the things that people are saying about her and about her life and stuff online can just be really hurtful," Pappas said.

"I just feel bad for her because I feel like in a period of time where this should be really joyful for her and this should be a really great experience and probably one of the most exciting things that she will go through, it has not been that for her.”

But though her time on the show may have been short, it seems Clare has the full support of the Bachelorette sorority.

Clare Crawley with a Smile

"On most days, she’s feeling really down about the things that people are saying about her online and the editing of the show," DeAnna said.

"So, actually, the girls and I, we all sent her some flowers today just to let her know that we love her and this is a blip."

While Deanna is obviously not spilling the tea on whether or not Clare and Dale are engaged, she happily hinted that the two are still an item while discussing the episode that’s set to air tonight.

"Whatever the outcome is tomorrow night, she’s going to walk away and she’s gonna be able to move on and hopefully have someone that she genuinely loves and can be with and people will forget about this," she explained.

"They’ll move on," she added.

And it sounds like they’ve moved on quite happily!

UPDATE: Yes, she’s engaged!!!!!