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It's been the worst kept secret in Hollywood for months now:

Clare Crawley falls deeply in love with Dale Moss within two minutes (okay, maybe 1-2 weeks) of shooting the latest season of The Bachelorette and ABC replaces her with Tayshia Adams.

This is a done deal. It's already happened. No spoilers needed. Producers just won't come right out and admit it.

The stunning development forces Bachelorette viewers to therefore ponder a new and different set of spoilers:

We don't know if they'll make it to the altar, but as far as the content of this popular television program is concerned, we know who Crawley chooses as her potential husband - Moss.

But what about Adams?!?

Based on The Bachelorette spoilers and scoops released by Reality Steve, the Bachelorette Spoilers God, we can narrow down Tayshia's contestants to a select few. A select and very lucky few.

Oh yes, despite the fact that the season has just begun, we've learned the identities of Tayshia's final four contestants, and we may have narrowed it down to the top two!

Who will she pick? (SPOILER ALERT: We know the answer!). And does Adams end up with a fiance when the season ends? Let's get into it, y'all.

1. Let's Start Here:

Let's Start Here:
Crawley reportedly lasts for about four rose ceremonies as The Bachelorette. She and producers then agree that there's no point in her continuing on as the lead when she's so dead set on selecting Moss as her eventual winner.

2. Enter Tayshia!

Enter Tayshia!
Yup! The long-time Bachelor Nation favorite will get brought on and placed at the forefront of the reality show, which will make a sudden shift to focus on her romantic journey.

3. Quick Question: Who is Tayshia Adams?!?

Quick Question: Who is Tayshia Adams?!?
The California native first appeared on Colton Underwood's season of The Bachelor, which premiered in January 2019 -- and was one of the final three contestants alongside Hannah Godwin and Cassie Randolph. From there, Adams appeared on season six of Bachelor in Paradise and started a relationship with John Paul Jones (from Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette).

4. Next Question: From What Pool Will Adams Select Her Soulmate?

Next Question: From What Pool Will Adams Select Her Soulmate?
Due to Clare's sudden departure, as well as the COVID-19 pandemic making it impossible to just fly new suitors in, Adams will mostly be stuck with Crawley's leftovers.

5. That's Not Fair, Though

That's Not Fair, Though
Not really. But the hands of executives were very tied. After Clare eliminated seven men on her premiere, these are the ones we believe were left forr Tayshia to flirt with as The Bachelorette: Chasen Nick, Joe Park, Ivan Hall, Blake Moynes, Ed Waisbrot, Demar Jackson, Brendan Morais, Kenny Braasch, Jason Foster, Tyler Cottrill, Ben Smith, Jay Smith, Eazy, Zac Clark, Riley Christian and Bennett Jordan.

6. Okay, Go On...

Okay, Go On...
The show will then bring on four brand new men who did NOT take part in anything Clare-related: Spencer Robertson, Montel Hill, Peter Giannikopoulos and Noah Erb.

7. Do We Know Anything About These Newbies?

Do We Know Anything About These Newbies?
Only that Spencer earns the valued first impression rose.

8. Do We Know Who Tayshia Chooses?

Do We Know Who Tayshia Chooses?
Short answer, no. Longer answer, though? Reality Steve says the following men have advanced to Adams' finall four: Ben Smith, Zac Clark, Brendan Morais and Ivan Hall.

9. What Else Do We Know?

What Else Do We Know?
"Things were done so differently this season," Steve explained in a post he published on September 30. "I’m hearing guys outside of final 4 had family/friends brought into the bubble to meet Tayshia, but I’ve been unable to confirm that."

10. Does Anyone That Clare Sent Home Re-Appear on Tayshia's Season?

Does Anyone That Clare Sent Home Re-Appear on Tayshia's Season?
No. Not to our knowledge.

11. When Does Tayshia Actually Start?

When Does Tayshia Actually Start?
TBD. In an extended promo for the season, ABC revealed a limo pulling up to the La Quinta Resort, teasing Tayshia's arrival. But no start date has been confirmed.

12. What About John Paul?

What About John Paul?
Or any of Tayshia's exes? Might they show up as surprise guests? We don't believe so, no. But we'd put nothing past ABC at this point, considering the unique nature of Season 16.

13. Has Colton Commented on Tayshia's Casting?

Has Colton Commented on Tayshia's Casting?
No. He just got slapped with a restraining order by Cassie Randolph. He's pretty busy with that and with some other obstacles in his personal life at the moment.

14. What Has Adams Said?

What Has Adams Said?
Nothing! That's what makes this all so intriguing and mysterious. Tayshia has been sworn to secrecy (legally, we're sure) and hasn't even confirmed just yet that she'll be the Bachelorette. But she WILL be, rest assured. And it's gonna be fascinating!

15. UPDATE: Bennett Is Out

UPDATE: Bennett Is Out
Despite early rumors to the contrary, Reality Steve insists that Bennett does not make it into Tayshia's final four.

16. So Is Spencer

So Is Spencer
The person who earns the first impression rose usually winds up going far in the competition, but that wasn't the case with Spencer. According to Steve, Mr. Robertson doesn't even make it to the hometown round.

17. The Big Question

The Big Question
That's two frontrunners who are out of the competition fairly early. So who does Tayshia actually wind up with? Well, we're beginning to develop a clearer answer to that question.

18. Ben Smith

Ben Smith
Ben Smith reportedly makes it into Tayshia's top four. Like the other finalists, this 29-year-old from Indianapolis, Indiana is one of Clare's "leftovers."

19. Zac Clark

Zac Clark
Zac Clark also makes the cut. We don't know much about Zac, other that he's 36, and he hails from Haddonfield, Pennsylvania.

20. Brendan Morais

Brendan Morais
Up next is Brendan Morais. This 30-year-old commercial roofer from Milford, Massachusetts is rumored to be the sensitive type.

21. Ivan Hall

Ivan Hall
And rounding out the final four is Ivan Hall. Described as a quiet "brainiac" by those who know him best, Ivan is a 28-year-old aeronautical engineer from Dallas, Texas.

22. Winnowing Down

Winnowing Down
Sadly, we still don't know the identity of the guy who captures Tayshia's heart, but Reality Steve claims to have a pretty good idea of who the top two are.

23. The Lucky Two

The Lucky Two
Steve admits he doesn't have the concrete facts yet, but he believes Ivan and Bennett will be Tayshia's top two. But if you like surprises, don't worry -- it sounds like the road to Tayshia's heart is filled with twists and turns.

24. A Little Villainy

A Little Villainy
First, it seems we'll have to deal with some bullying behavior from this season's resident villain, Yosef Aborady. Hey, it wouldn't be a season of The Bachelorette without some douche-baggery!

25. Another Switcheroo!

Another Switcheroo!
As for the rest of this season, insiders say it's "messy" with an "unconventional ending." There's even a stretch of episodes where Jojo Fletcher takes over as host! (Fear not, Chris Harrison fans, the OG took some time off to drop his son off at college.)

26. The Long and Winding Road

The Long and Winding Road
So yeah, it sounds like quite the rocky road ahead for Tayshia. Hopefully, her journey will end with wedding bells!

27. Here She Comes!

Here She Comes!
Following episode three of season 16, ABC finally let the secret out: Adams is taking over for Crawley! This is a screen capture from her first appearance on the show, courtesy of a network promo.

28. Speaking of That Promo?

We've got it here! Watch as Harrison tells Crawley she basically has to go, and as the video concludes with a limo pulling up and Adams getting ready to emerge.

29. All About Tayshia

All About Tayshia
Following episode 3, which made Clare look quite bad, fans wondered why producers set things up this way. Reality Steve, though, Tweeted an answer: "Maybe it’s because they had Tayshia before this season even started and they really didn’t care what Clare did."

30. But Will Tayshia Find Love?

But Will Tayshia Find Love?
Sadly, it doesn't sound that way. "If you want a Bachelorette that’s basically a 180 from Clare, here it comes," Reality Steve has added on his blog, adding: "That’s neither good or bad. I’m just telling you, it’s gonna be different. And by the way, you better enjoy the Clare/Dale love story this season – because that’s the only one you’re getting."

31. That's Too Bad

That's Too Bad
Yes, it is. But maybe Adams simply doesn't end the season engaged? But does end it with a boyfriend? We'll need to wait and see.

32. One Thing Remains Clear, However

One Thing Remains Clear, However
"Based on things I’ve heard and texts that I’ve seen, I absolutely believe that Tayshia was planned before the first night of filming ever happened," Reality Steve says. "Too many things point to it that I know about. But I cannot share those points without outing people."

33. So... Who Wins?!?

So... Who Wins?!?
By all accounts, Zac C. earns Tayshia's final rose. However, according to Reality Steve, the two are NOT engaged. Yet.

34. Why Zac?

Why Zac?
Adams allegedly fell hardest for Brendan, but he had to leave early. This made her sad. She selected Zac, Steve writes, because he was the "one who opened up to her the most and professed his love."

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