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On Election Day, news broke that Erika Jayne had filed to divorce Tom Girardi, news that she confirmed.

After 21 years, it’s over. But now rumors whisper that they were both cheating.

Erika Jayne Drinks During the Tension

Cheating has ended many marriages — even some that have lasted as long as Erika’s and Tom’s.

Erika and Tom married in 1999 despite their hefty age gap.

Just last season, Erika reminded her castmates that she knows what she’s talking about when it comes to marriage, and cited her decades-spanning union as proof.

Erika Jayne and Tom Girardi on The Real Housewives
Photo via Bravo

When Erika spoke about her filing for divorce, she emphasized that she has "great love and respect’ for Tom.

But now, Real Housewives bloggers are circulating cheating rumors about that breakup.

Could it be that there was more holding these two apart than their 32-year age gap?

Erika Jayne at the Season 10 Reunion Special

Deux Moi shared a series of posts on Instagram, which were then re-shared by Bravo Snark Side.

The first claim made in these posts is that a friend in Hancock Park (Los Angeles) is renting out their home to Erika.

Allegedly, Erika told the owner that she wouldn’t be sleeping there, but needed a "home base" to be close to the other castmates while filming.

In a series of posts from Deux Moi, which were re-shared by Bravo Snark Side on their Instagram Stories, a number of claims were made against both parties after a source suggested that Erika may have been living separately from Thomas for some time prior to the divorce news. “Someone I know told me a few weeks ago that their friend is renting out their home in Hancock Park in L.A. to Erika Jayne. [She] told the house owner she wouldn’t be sleeping there and it would be a home base for her to be close to the other ladies for filming. Now … I don’t believe that reason for the rental!” the source shared.

While that sounds like an extremely normal motive for a Real Housewife to rent a house .. there are now doubts.

In light of these other rumors and the divorce news, people wonder if Erika was simply getting some space to herself.

Or, perhaps, using the house as a "love nest."

Another story, citing way fewer details, claims that Erika has been boning some other dude "for years."

The man isn’t named … but he is allegedly someone well known by fans of the franchise.

We hope that we do not have to explain to anyone why this rumor is likely not about Andy Cohen.

Erika Girardi Meme - Gonna Give The Gays Everything They Want
Photo via Bravo

“Tom is a member of my private club in LA and [two New Years Eves] ago he brought a random woman to the party," begins another post.

"Didn’t see any PDA," the post notes, "but felt weird. Figured they just have an arrangement."

"Have I not been telling you about Tom’s 60-year-old blonde girlfriend!!!” Deux Moi editorialized.

This is far from the first time that it has been claimed that Tom has been unfaithful.

We noted that Erika and Tom have lasted for 21 years despite busy careers, a hefty age gap, the burdens of fame, the temptations of money, and more.

It may be that a quietly open marriage was part of the key of their success — it would explain the rumors. Or all of this could just be a lot of hot air and assumptions.