Clare Crawley and Dale Moss: Will Their Relationship Actually Last?

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If you're a longtime fan of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, we probably don't need to tell you that very few of the shows' couples actually make it to the altar.

Dale Moss and Clare Crawley on a Date

In fact, love matches that are formed in the heat of competition are more likely to result in nasty, tabloid-fodder breakups than happily ever afters.

So the odds would have been stacked against Clare Crawley and Dale Moss no matter what.

And some fans think their chances of making it as a couple are even worse due to the unusual circumstances under which they got engaged.

Clare Crawley Proposal

In case you have been living under a rock and missed it, Dale proposed to Clare on last week's episode of The Bachelorette.

Clare quite eagerly accepted.

It was an unprecedented moment, and not only because no couple in the history of the franchise had ever cut to the chase quite so quickly.

Clare Crawley and Dale Moss Bachelorette Pic

Things progressed in such an unusual fashion that Dale seemed shocked when he realized he would be expected to propose to this woman whom he had met just days earlier.

Of course, many viewers have expressed doubts about whether or not Dale and Clare's meeting at the La Quinta Quarantine was really their first encounter.

(The Bachelorette spoilers have had a lot to say on the topic.)

Clare Crawley and Dale Moss on ABC

Clare admitted to falling for Dale long before he stepped out of that limo, but she insists they never met prior to filming.

Due to Covid-related production delays, several months passed between the time when Clare's suitors were to the public introduced and the actual start of filming.

That meant Clare enjoyed an opportunity that no prior Bachelorette had ever been offered:

Dale Moss and Clare Crawley Engaged

Though she was forbidden to contact the contestants, there were no rules about her scrolling through their Facebook pages.

Was that a bit unethical and unfair to the other men, as well as the crew members who left their families and entered quarantine in order to make this season happen? Perhaps.

But it seems to have worked out well for Clare and Dale.

Clare Crawley Kisses Dale

Despite rumors to the contrary, Crawley and Moss are still engaged.

Not only that, it seems they've recently taken some major strides in their relationship.

Now, viewers just saw Dale pop the question a few days ago, but based on what we know about the filming schedule, that magic moment would have taken place sometime in midsummer.

Dale Moss on the Premiere

That means Clare and Dale have been together for a few months, and while they may have reversed the usual order by getting engaged first, getting to know one another second, it still looks as though they have no regrets about taking the plunge together.

"This is the happiest time in my life. Everything [since] has been even more reaffirming of why I chose him," Crawley recently told People magazine.

"What I'm learning is that he's the yin to my yang. I've got this passionate side of me, and he just levels me out ... I've waited a long time to finally find this. And it was worth it."

Clare Crawley and Dale

Currently, Clare and Dale are visiting his hometown of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where Crawley is finally getting a chance to meet Dale's family and childhood friends.

"I guess you would call this the official hometown [date]," Clare said in a recent Instagram Story.

We're sure Clare and Dale are enjoying spiking the football on the haters who doubted that they would last a week.

Dale Moss in Bed

But the fact of the matter is, they're still in the honeymoon phase, and from a statistical standpoint, the odds are still stacked against them.

Multiple studies have shown that couples who date for a long time are more likely to stay married and more likely to report high levels of marital satisfaction than couples who sprint to the altar following a whirlwind romance.

Not only that, this is not the first time that Clare accepted a proposal on camera and wound up calling it off.

Meeting Her Husband?

Clare and Benoit Beauséjour-Savard got engaged following their stint on the shortlived Bachelor Winter Games.

It's still unclear why the two of them called it off - perhaps Lady Crawley was uninterested in taking on such a mouthful of a last name - but the fact that this type of high-profile engagement is part of a pattern for Clare?

Well, that doesn't bode well for her future with Dale.

Look, Dale and Clare both seem like perfectly nice people, and the last thing we want to do is cast doubts on their chances of forming a happy marriage together while they're SO happy right now.

We wish only the best for these two.

But the fact is, they'll have to work extra hard to overcome the curse of Bachelor Nation. Just look at the evidence:

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