Chelsea Houska Shows Off Baby Bump, Goes (Almost) Makeup-Free In New Pics

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As we've discussed several times in recent weeks, Chelsea Houska is the most popular Teen Mom by a pretty wide margin,

Houska's social media following is considerably larger than any of her co-stars', which is surprising, as she doesn't deliver the drama quite like the others do, and conflict is often the source of reality TV super-stardom.

Chelsea Houska: Teen Mom 2 Photo

Of course, like so many other celebs before her, Chelsea is finding fame to be a bit of a mixed blessing.

She's found several ways to quite literally cash in on her popularity, launching a number of successful business ventures, including a lucrative fashion line.

But it seems the attention is, at times, a bit too much for Chelsea.

Chelsea Houska Drives

Or at the very least, she worries about what sort of impact all that public scrutiny might have on her children.

As you've likely heard by now, Chelsea is leaving Teen Mom 2, seemingly as a result of criticisms leveled at her eldest daughter, Aubree.

The move caught fans by surprise and left many wondering what the future holds for Chelsea.

Chelsea Houska on Insta

Yes, she and her husband have both been drawing sizable salaries for the past several years, but it seems unlikely that they've managed to save up "never work again" money, especially considering their many, many expenses.

Chelsea is pregnant with her fourth child, and she and Cole are just completing construction on a massive South Dakota farmhouse.

Some of Houska's fans have wondered if she entered into her decision too hastily and without sufficient thought for her financial future.

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But Chelsea is not nearly as impulsive as some of her co-stars, and we're sure she weighed all the pros and cons before cutting ties with MTV.

As for how she plans to pay the bills, Chelsea is more popular than ever on social media these days, and she's an expert at making all of those likes and follows translate to dollars.

In fact, her absence from Teen Mom 2 might make her Instagram page even more profitable.

Chelsea Houska's Bump Selfie

For example, fans are aware that it will now be the only place for personal updates on Chelsea, including pics of her growing baby bump (above).

Clearly, Chelsea did not leave on bad terms with the other stars of the franchise, several of whom commented on her latest selfie.

"So cute!!" wrote Kailyn Lowry.

Houska Selfie 1

"I love that little belly LOL!!" Jade Cline added.

"Mama lookin [fire emojis]," Maci Bookout chimed in.

Of course, Chelsea's page features much more than just baby bump selfies.

Houska Selfie 2

Earlier this week, Houska posted a makeup tutorial on her Instagram page, and in a twist of irony, fans praised her for wearing less makeup than usual.

"She looks REALLY pretty here," one viewer remarked on Reddit.

"Wow she looks so much younger!" another commented.

"I like this better," a third opined.

Sure, there's some implicit criticism in there, as all those comments about Chelsea wearing less makeup seem to suggest that she was wearing too much makeup before.

But hey, we're sure that if the people who watch the tutorial buy all the products Chelsea was hocking in the vid, she'll happily accept their criticism!

She's got a hustler's spirit, that one!

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