Will Donald Trump Leave the White House?

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Last week, the American people elected Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States.

The question on everyone's mind is an unprecedented one: will the White House's current occupant refuse to step down?

Donald Trump as The President

The word "unprecedented" has been run into the ground when it comes to describing Donald Trump.

A failed businessman, a notorious buffoon, an often-forgotten reality star rose to the highest office in the land through grift.

His willingness to say anything that his core supporters wanted to hear, however racist and vile, sent shockwaves through the political world.

President Donald Trump in Texas

Spite and bigotry didn't win Trump the popular vote -- but through the electoral college, he rose to office anyway.

Hillary Clinton conceded the day after. Within a week, President Obama had invited Trump to the White House to meet with him and talk.

Though Trump was unprepared for a victory and wasn't even aware that he would need to hire a White House staff, Mike Pence led the transition team.

Donald Trump Lies

Now, four years later, Trump has refused to concede, writing all caps claims of fraud, "illegal voting," and other nonsense unsupported by evidence or reality.

He has directed his appointees to refuse to begin the process of assisting or funding President-Elect Biden's transition team.

More worrisome, Trump appears to be preparing for civil unrest ... just as any authoritarian tyrant might if they know that they will not relinquish power.

Donald Trump in Wisconsin

This week, he has fired Defense Secretary Mark Esper, who had rejected his proposal to send the US military to attack American civilians within American cities.

Then, following Trump's DOJ puppet Bill Barr's memo that signaled official support to Trump's unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud, the DOJ official responsible for investigating election crimes resigned.

Additionally, the North Lawn of the White House has been dug up ... leading to uneasy jokes that Trump is building a moat or laying mines, though most suspect that this is simply ornamental landscaping.

President Donald Trump, No Mask

Trump has also relied upon some of his old fallbacks from his time when he was only a corrupt businessman -- filing petty, unwinnable lawsuits.

In this case, he is challenging election results in different states and districts, but only those that are inconvenient for him personally.

Some of these cases are being ridiculed in court. Others are so inconsequential that even an unlikely "Trump victory" in court would do nothing to change the election results.

Donald Trump and Melania Trump Together

Trump is also suing to block Pennsylvania from awarding Biden the electoral votes as laid out in the United States Constitution.

Reports say that attorneys at the law firms hired by Trump to carry out these fights are uncomfortable with undermining the electoral system.

That is certainly a thought that has never crossed Trump's mind. It's unlikely that he has the cognitive capacity to appreciate most of the damage that he has done.

Donald Trump is Irate

He is also continuing to fundraise, urging supporters to send more money to his campaign, claiming that he can stop President-Elect Biden from "stealing" this election.

Of course, the fine print says that about half of what is donated will simply go to paying off campaign debts.

This is not surprising from a man who has used charities to line his own pockets, being fined millions for misusing donated funds.

Don Trump

Most of this is, to put it mildly, understandably frightening.

A spiteful madman, with no concern for how much harm he does to the world, clinging to power ... this could be the end of American democracy as we know it.

Alternatively ... let's look at some reasons why it might not be.

Melania Trump with her Donald

First of all, as the Biden campaign themselves said recently, the United States of America is perfectly capable of evicting trespassers from the White House.

The US has never had to physically remove an ousted President from the White House.

But, as we said, so much about Trump's administration is unprecedented.

Leading His Cult

As much as many Americans are borderline aroused at the thought of the Secret Service physically extricating Trump like a feral raccoon that got into the attaick, it may not come to that.

Trump has been deeply miserable for his entire Presidency. He never wanted the job any more than a child fascinated with firetrucks wants to walk into a burning house.

And while he has gone about dismantling our government and putting sycophants and bigots into positions of power, some part of him has to want for this to be over -- if not as much as most Americans do.

Donald Trump Talks Hurricane

There is also the simple fact that Trump talks a big talk but is, by every definition, a loser.

The guy doesn't win fights and he rarely shows up to them. He knows how to make crowds cheer and how to funnel money into his own accounts, that's it.

Is Hillary in prison for "email crimes" or whatever? Is his absurd wall built? Did Mexico pay for it? Sanctuary cities still exist. And Joe Biden won the election.

Queen and President

At the end of the day, all of Trump's big, bold claims are a grift -- keeping people's attention while he lines his pockets with money either given from fools or outright stolen.

And that may be what's happening here. He's just buying time before he concedes so that his campaign can pay off its debts, ideally into accounts with his name on them.

Once he concedes, his most frothing-at-the-mouth and spiteful supporters may feel lost, confused, or even betrayed ... but some of them will still buy his merch.

Donald Trump: An Image

That said, we're leery of being too comfortable in the assumption that Trump will back down or that the Federal government will simply remove him as a matter of course.

Once he is no longer President, Trump can be prosecuted for many of his crimes. A lot of District Attorney's are chomping at the bit to drag him to court.

And he's spent the past four years appointing unqualified Yes Men to some of the most important posts in the land. A civil war is unlikely, but it's too horrifying an outcome to ignore. Fingers crossed!

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