Cole DeBoer: Check Out This New (Even Hotter) Body!

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Which Teen Mom dad do you think is the most attractive?

Trick question: it's obviously Cole DeBoer, Chelsea Houska's husband and the father of her two youngest children.

Sure, you might have a different type, like maybe you're more into the emotionally abusive bad boy thing that Ryan Edwards had going on in earlier seasons, that's popular.

Or maybe you had an NSYNC phase when you were younger and you just can't help but be into West Virginia Lance Bass, AKA Jeremy Calvert.

That's all fine, you do you.

But like, look at Cole.

And now that he has a brand new serious of scantily clad photos, you can really look at him ...

1. This Guy

This Guy
This is Chelsea Houska's husband, Cole DeBoer.

2. Yep

Cole is great. He's a nice guy, he's really sweet to Chelsea, he's a great father to all three of her kids.

3. Awww

He's not Aubree's biological father, of course -- that's Adam Lind. But since he's been with Chelsea, he's been an amazing father figure to her, and it seems like although poor Aubree still loves Adam, she thinks of Cole as a dad, too.

4. So Sweet

So Sweet
Aubree even took his last name so that her full name is now Aubree Lind-DeBoer, and he's made it clear that he's more than willing to adopt her if Adam signs away his parental rights like he did with his other daughter.

5. Putting in Work

Putting in Work
These days, he's been hard at work on the new home he and Chelsea are building. It really looks like he's just the best guy.

6. There It Is

There It Is
And if you have working eyeballs, you can see that another one of Cole's attributes is that he's really, really pretty.

7. She's Got It Bad

She's Got It Bad
Like, there's a reason Chelsea always looks at him like this in pictures, you know?

8. Changing Things Up

Changing Things Up
OK, so back in January, Cole decided to start selling supplements -- it sort of sounds like an MLM, but it's a local business that he's been visiting for years.

9. Making Sales

Making Sales
He's promoted them a few times since then, and he has a link to their site in his Instagram bio, but it's not like a weight loss tea situation, he's been pretty chill about it.

10. A Challenge

A Challenge
But earlier this month, Cole announced that he's taking his interest in fitness even further by starting a 75 day challenge. What kind of challenge?

11. The Rules

The Rules
For the 75 days, he has to eat a specific healthy diet with no cheat meals, drink a gallon of water a day, work out twice a day, and read a little bit of a self-help book every day.

12. Oh

And he also has to share a progress photo. Every single day.

13. The Beginning

The Beginning
Here's his first photo, how he looked when he started the challenge. As you can see, it looksl ike he's already in pretty great shape, right?

14. Day 2

Day 2
Here he is on the second day. See any difference? Probably not, it's only been a day.

15. Day 3

Day 3
For his third day, he switches up the angle a little bit, so that's cool.

16. Day 4

Day 4
Here his muscles kind of look a little bigger, right? But it could just be because this photo is a little closer up. Who knows?

17. Day 5

Day 5
It looks like he got a sunburn in between Day 4 and Day 5 -- the rules say that one of the two daily workouts have to be done outside, so that would make sense. Also you can start to see a little bit of a change here, right?

18. Day 6

Day 6
Still looking good!

19. Day 7

Day 7
He's coming up on a week of his challenge here -- what do you think?

20. Day 8

Day 8
And he's completed a full week here!

21. Day 9

Day 9
Here's the photo from his ninth day of the challenge, which is the last photo we have right now. It's a full-body one, too, so that's cool.

22. Hmm

People more well-versed in fitness and muscles and stuff may be able to tell you more about all of this, but let's be real -- if you're here, you're here to look at pictures of Cole looking nice.

23. Great

We're sure he's feeling good, and we'll be interested to see how he progresses -- he'll be done at the beginning of September, so he's got a way to go.

24. Congrats, Chelsea

Congrats, Chelsea
In the meantime ... the pictures certainly don't hurt anything.

25. Thoughts?

How are you liking Cole's transformation?

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