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Audrey Roloff really doesn’t understand the proper way to handle a crisis.

Early on in the COVID-19 pandemic, the former reality star was dragged for what many considered to be an insensitive and privileged response to the viral outbreak.

Then, Audrey’s own brother-in-law tore her a new one for what he considered to be a lame response to the killing of George Floyd in Minnesota.

Ember Turns 3

Now, Roloff is being trashed — and we mean TRASHED! — for something she posted amid the ongoing wildfires in Oregon.

For those not following this natural castastrophe:

Wildfires have burned through over one million acres of land in Oregon, California and other Western states.

In Oregon alone, seven people arre confirmed dead… dozens are unaccounted for… and hazardous breathing conditions across the region make it dangerous for residents to even go outside.

Outside with the Roloffs
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Late last week, the 29-year old mother of two posted a photo on her Instagram Story to promote More Than Oils, writing in the process:

“6 oils to have on hand if your house smells like smoke from these wildfires.”

Considering 40,000 people have been evacuated and there’s no end in sight to this devastation and the fires have personally and greatly affected millions of people…

… folks around the Internet are aghast over Audrey exploiting this crisis to shill for a product.

Wrote one critic:

Unreal. Can you get anymore un-Christian than trying to make money off of scared people in a devastating crisis. She should be absolutely ashamed of herself.

And another:

Over 10% of the population of Oregon has had to evacuate since Monday. This is beyond insensitive. This is the largest loss of life and property in Oregon history. There are 1 million acres burned.

If Audrey is looking for somene else who is getting criticized amid these awful wildfires, she need only to turn next to her in bed,

Because, holy Hell, has Jeremy Roloff said some crazy stuff over the last several days!

Audrey’s husband is getting rightfully destoyed online for seemingly being a climate change denier.

Via a number of his own Instagram Story posts last week, Jeremy blamed arsonists for many of the flames engulfing his home state, ignoring all scientific evidence that environmental factors are to blame.

“How is even this [arson] being considered a conspiracy?" he then asked in response too the backlash that came his way.

"Truth is truly under attack. This is a spiritual war and every person alive needs to be begging God for discernment and vision.

"The age of information is prove to supply us with nothing but confusion . Every issue has ‘facts’ on both sides. It’s nauseating."

Jeremy wasn’t done being wildly incorrect and irresponsible, either.

He stated that even "reputable sources" have an "agenda," seemingly questioning the entire concept of Global Warming.

"I think it’s super dangerous to write off dozens of eye witness accounts, including some first responders as ‘conspiracy theory’ because a whole ‘several’ have been investigated and to be false," he wrote, adding:

"Like wow. Are you kidding…"

Jacob Roloff, however, was dead serious.

He said that many people out there have been asking him about Jeremy’s disinformation campaign — and that he wishes he could put an end to it.

"I (try to) speak to him often, and especially when it is overt disinformation. Like today. I wish it wasn’t so! But it is," wrote this outspoken member of the family, concluding:

"Educate and speak to the people around you! Resistance to the glut and easiness of conspiracies is hugely important right now.

"Also…maybe don’t follow him right now."