Sister Wives Drama: Mykelti Brown Admits to Firing Her Own Brother!

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For many months now, we've documented the drama between Kody Brown and his Sister Wives.

And for good reason:

Meri, for one, is clearly done with Kody.

Mykelti and paedon

But let's move away from the actual Sister Wives for a moment and focus instead on the many kids Kody has created with these Sister Wives.

Specifically, Mykelti and Paedon Brown.

During a Facebook Live this week, Mykelti -- who is expecting her first child with husband Tony and who is the daughter of Kody and Christine -- revealed her spouse has been helping with her job.

Tony chips in on occasion with some LuLaRoe clothing shipping.

Mykelti Brown horizon

"If Tony messes up too much, I will be looking for a replacement! As of right now he’s doing pretty good. Just kidding, I don’t get rid of my employees that much," Mykelti told fans, adding:

“It's more like I have to tell him if he messes up so he knows how to correct it. I have to tell him so he knows how to fix it...

"I think if I ever tried to fire him I would get in trouble.”

Mykelti Brown, christine

Has Mykelti ever fired someone?

Yes, a woman who cost her $5,000 in shipping mistakes, and also:

“Paedon I fired because… just don’t work with family sometimes. It just doesn’t work. Especially when they bug the crap out of you. So I technically only fired two people."


Ah, yes, Paedon.

Mykelti is now the third Brown sibling to feud with him.

Earlier this year, 18-year old Gwendlyn told Twitter followers that she had been feuding with a certain sibling, writing:

"That moment when you find out your siblings gossip about how they don’t think your sexuality is real or possible."

Kody and Paedon

A fan then commented on the post: “Probs Paedon. He legit Insta messaged me once to let me know that black lives don’t matter.”

And Gwendlyn replied: “Not surprised. Did you screenshot it?”

The woman then actually provided alleged screen shots of their conversation.

In these screen shots, Kody and Christine's son reportedly wrote:

“Murder is wrong, murderers will burn in hell no question no doubt but I don’t blame every black man because one black man threatened me."

Paedon Brown

And he continued:

"More white people get killed by cops every year than Black people. And there’s more black on black violence than there is any other violence. But you don’t see anybody trying to do something about that.

"Do you know how many people die in car accidents every year."

In response to this exchange, Mykelti complimented the followers because, as she said, "talking with racists is painful and he sounded like an idiot."

Sister Wives: A Poster

Paedon, meanwhile, has also beefed with Meri’s daughter, Mariah, and her fiancé, Audrey Kriss, over conflicting political views.

In July, Paedon posted on Instagram: “Back the blue. #bluelivesmatter.”

He then told a follower that he "can't stand" Mariah, who is an outspoken Black Lives Matter supporter, which prompted Audrey to jump in as follows:

“Black lives matter and I cannot BELIEVE some of the things you’ve said here.

“‘Mariah and I can’t stand each other’ that’s not what you were thinking when you called her crying weeks ago."

Sister Wives, United

Paedon proceed to turn off his Comments.

But Mariah shared on her Instagram Story that she is no longer associating with President Donald Trump voters because the Commander-in-Chief has “taken away” her “rights.”

“I will no longer be associated with people who think that the money in their pockets or the political associations they are are more important than my life, than my rights," she said.

"Remember that if you make the choice to vote for Donald Trump, you are making the choice to no longer have me in your live.”

For the record, Mariah and Audrey are currently not following Paedon on Instagram.

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