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On this week’s 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Ariela Weinberg rescued her son after a tense debate.

But before that, she made Biniyam walk home holding their son while she took the car. Why?

"I would like to clarify something," Ariela wrote on Instagram to fans watching the episode.

She continued: "I lived in Argentina for almost seven years."

"I have family all over the world," Ari noted, "including Guatemala, Spain, Italy, Canada, Ukraine, etc."

Biniyam Shibre walks home with the baby

"A lot of countries do not use car seats," Ariela grimly acknowledged.

"But," she correctly pointed out, "that doesn’t make it safe."

"A lot of people are complaining that I made Bini walk home," Ariela observed, "so I want to clarify the reality of that scene."

"We didn’t have a car seat yet," Ariela acknowledged, referring to the aftermath of her emergency C-section ahead of her due date.

She explained that this was "because we were expecting my parents to bring one the following week."

"That was on us," Ariela acknowledged.

Ariela Weinberg IG - clears up the walk home/carseat situation

"We probably should have bought one along with the baby bath, etc,” Ariela stated.

“But for anyone who has ever been to Addis," she explained.

Ariela detailed: "you know that the weather is usually around 70 degrees, sunny, with a light breeze except in the rainy season."

Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre baby sleeps

"Our house was two blocks walking from the hospital on streets where cars do not pass," Ariela noted.

"But in order to drive home," she explained, "you would have to take a heavily transited main road."

"I could not walk home," Ariela told her fans and followers, "because I had just had a C-section."

Ariela Weinberg explains - she does not believe in hell

"Because of Bini’s first son being born in America," Ariela noted, "he had no intention of letting the baby drive without a car seat."

"He just wanted to show the viewers that most people in Ethiopia don’t use car seats," she reasoned.

"And on the way home," Ariela revealed, "we were rear-ended!"

"The neighborhood where we lived was very safe," Ariela affirmed.

"And," she noted, "we had security and cameramen walking with Bini!"

This also occurred to us as we watched — that he would have a small army of production following him the whole way.

Ariela Weinberg will not go through with the circumcision

"Children are projectile missiles in a car," Ariela correctly noted.

She concluded: "They would fly right through the [windshield]."

Ariela spoke on this again (as you can see in the Instagram Story post above), posting a similar message from her and from Biniyam as the episode aired.

Biniyam Shibre - we went to church to speak with a priest

Ariela, as we noted, rescued her son from what would have been a medically unnecessary, irreversible cosmetic procedure on his genitals.

But she and Biniyam still have a lot to work out, including — and especially — the question of baptising their son within Orthodox Christianity.

It is unclear if they will be able to do it at all without Ariela being forced to convert, which she of course will not do. But Ari is also uncomfortable at the idea of subjecting her son to this ritual.