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Over the past few weeks, Kate Gosselin has understandably been very concerned about something that allegedly took place at her ex-husband’s home.

Jon Gosselin, as you must know by now, was accused last month of assaulting the former couple’s teenage son, Collin.

However, according to a new report, Kate also has cause for worry when it comes to her own home — namely, the fact that she needs to sell it!

Kate Gosselin Looks Angry

The mother of eight — who has been back in the news of late due to her blistering attacks against Jon — is reportedly moving on from her Pennsylvania residence.

She bought this mansion a dozen years ago for $1.2 million and, per records obtained by The Sun, now has it on the market for just $815,000.

There’s even a For Sale sign on the property, which is located in the small suburban town of Wernersville, a borough in Berks County, with a population of around 3,000 citizens.

The house measures 6,200 square-foot and boasts five beds, five bathrooms and two half bathrooms; it sits on on a comfortable/enormous 23.88 acres.

Kate Gosselin on ABC

Why would Kate be putting her house on the market?

Because she needs the cash.

"Kate has been struggling with money because she hasn’t worked for a while," an insider tells The Sun, adding:

"She has been living off the money she made in the past but it’s been years since her last job."

Kate Gosselin Looks Upset

Gosselin last graced the small screen on Kate Plus Date, an actual television show that aired in the summer of 2019 and which chronicled her life as a single mother, seeking a mate.

It didn’t exactly break any ratings records and it was canceled after one season.

Kate then remained unusually silent for many months… right up until the aforementioned news about her ex-husband and his alleged altercation with their son.

Kate Gosselin on Her Gram

"I am done hiding and will say this unequivocally: Jon is a violent and abusive person,” Kate told People Magazine after the allegations of abuse came out against him this fall.

"The police need to do their jobs," she continued.

"I am so sick of Jon’s abuse being disguised as everything but. I don’t want my children around him. Enough is enough."

Jon, for his part, has acknowledged that he and Collin got into an argument — but that he only placed his hands on the boy in order to prevent him from running away.

Kate Gosselin Sux

No charges were ever filed in this case, much to Kate’s apparent chagrin.

As for what Kate may now do?

If she really needs money and it’s evident that television viewers no longer care about her?

Like, at all?

Kate Gosselin Talks to Reporters

"She is a trained nurse but hasn’t been applying for nursing jobs," The Sun reports.

"She just doesn’t see herself as a nurse anymore. She wants to be a star and the kids are all grown up… it seems like it’s time to move on but that’s not easy to do…

"She has plans to move out of state and Jon has joint legal custody of the kids, so she will have to tell him her next move.

"The kids will be 18 in a year and a half and it’s the end of an era."