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On the midseason premiere of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 2, Brittany Banks returned to the US from Jordan.

But even though she’s not divorced yet, she plans to go back to Jordan. Fans say that this is, well, bananas.

Brittany Banks reminds everyone of why she's there

Seeing Brittany arrive home in Chicago was a breath of fresh air for many viewers.

It was a break from the yelling, the lying, and the ultimatums that she had faced in Jordan.

Plus, she got to see her mother and tell her some of what she had been going through with Yazan and Yazan’s family.

Brittany Banks picked up by her mom

Brittany’s mom reminded her that Yazan absolutely has a right to know that Brittany is still married, albeit only on paper. Brittany agreed.

Her mother also expressed dismay that Yazan’s family was pressuring her to convert to Islam.

Brittany is not a religious person, and her mother could not imagine why someone would want to marry her daughter only to try to force her to change.

Brittany Banks mom - if he doesn't want to marry you ...

Brittany’s actual purpose behind the visit to Chicago was not, as she had claimed to Yazan, to see her sister’s baby — not entirely, anyway.

Her real goal was to answer an unexpected court summons over her divorce.

Brittany was hopeful that she would be able to be granted her divorce and return to Jordan, with Yazan and his family none the wiser to how last-minute the divorce truly was.

Brittany Banks is still legally married and must start all over

Alas, it was not to be.

Brittany’s divorce was not granted. In fact, some sort of clerical error apparently meant that Brittany had to restart the process from square one — all for a man she hasn’t seen in years.

There was no good news for the rapper and model … and clearly, that is just the beginning of her drama.

Yazan Abo Horira - I have to be careful

Brittany is about to return with no divorce to show for it.

She has tried every move to stall the wedding — one that Yazan’s parents wanted to happen just days later.

It took Yazan and his uncle’s urgent pleas to convince his family to give Brittany a month or so before the wedding. That extension may do her little good.

Yazan Abo Horira father threatens to literally murder him

Additionally, it looks like Brittany will return to find that Yazan is in a whole mess of trouble.

Whether it’s Brittany’s Instagram photos, delaying the wedding, or something worse, Yazan appears to be in physical danger now.

And unless this is backlash from Brittany’s lie about her divorce … whatever threats he’s receiving may be partially the result of his own actions.

Brittany Banks IG - Yazan made it seem like he was Westernized

Obviously, no one should receive death threats, especially for literally any of the things that have Yazan’s family unhappy, be it Brittany’s photos or her hesitation to dive headfirst into a marriage.

Should Brittany and Yazan break up? Yes — because Yazan’s yelling and cursing at Brittany when she arrived should have been an automatic dealbreaker, period.

For that matter, Brittany’s own tendency to blow up Yazan’s phone and "give him an earful" is inexcusable. Relationships should never be toxic.

Yazan Abo Horira with angry texts from Brittany Banks

But as viewers have observed and Brittany herself has said, Yazan was not honest with her or with his family.

On the one side, he was telling Brittany that she can live her life in Jordan as before in most ways, which is in many ways true for Jordan as a country.

At the same time, he was assuring his parents that Brittany would convert to Islam and change her lifestyle, as this is the only way that they would accept the marriage.

Brittany Banks IG - he made me feel it was okay, then he switched up

The problem with trying to please both sides by saying whatever they want to hear is that, eventually, it’s a nasty shock for all parties involved.

Yazan had Brittany convinced that he was totally "Westernized," but even if that is the case in his heart, his attachment to and fear of his family clearly prevents him from living his authentic life.

As a result, he has panicked and issued ultimatums to Brittany. It seems that he only told her what she wanted to hear until she actually arrived.