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Late this summer, Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth welcomed their new baby

Now, fans are asking if Joy is already pregnant with Baby #3.

Joy-Anna Duggar Embraced from Behind by Austin Forsyth

Joy-Anna Duggar shared this sweet photo of herself with Austin Forsyth.

Together, wife and husband shared a picturesque embrace while standing in a field of grass.

But something about the tenderness of this photo has fans asking the ever-present Duggar question.

Joy-Anna Duggar with the Cradle

"Oh God she’s not pregnant again.." one commenter asked fearfully.

That comment, meant for other fans, attracted Joy’s attention — and elicited a response.

Joy-Anna replied: "I have a 9 week old."

By reminding fans of how recently she gave birth, Joy is sending a clear message.

She is saying that she is not pregnant and that she is insulted that they are asking.

We’ll get into that more in a moment, because Joy had more to say.

Autumnal Joy

Fans noticed that Joy-Anna was not wearing her wedding band.

"So, do you just get an engagement ring in this belief?" a commenter inquired about fundamentalism. "I didn’t see a band with her ring."

"No," Joy explained with an eyeroll emoji, "my fingers were swollen during pregnancy and I haven’t put my wedding band back on."

Evelyn Mae Forsyth was born on August 21 at 2:12PM, weighing in at 8 pounds and 5 ounces.

The newborn measured 19.5 inches in length.

Though Evelyn was born in the summer and Halloween is now upon us, she is still considered a newborn.

Joy-Anna Duggar Baby Photograph

"To say my heart is full is an understatement," Joy-Anna wrote at the time of Evelyn’s birth.

"She has the best personality," she gueshed.

Joy praised that Evelyn "is easy going, and loves to be held!"

"She has her nights and days mixed up," Joy-Anna noted of her newborn. Relatable.

"But honestly," she expressed, "I love it!"

"Getting to spend that quiet, quality time with her through the night has been SO special!" Joy gushed and raved.

Joy-Anna Duggar in Pants

Joy-Anna and Austin are also the parents of "wild" little Gideon.

For now, it seems, they’re content to be the parents of two — which, as we all know, isn’t simply twice as hard as being parents of one.

But was Joy right to clearly mock a fan for wondering if she might be pregnant?

Full recovery after childbirth takes 6-8 weeks, but this can vary from person to person.

However, a person can become pregnant again as quickly as three weeks after childbirth.

Neither nursing nor not yet getting your period again prevent you from conceiving, despite what some people assume and believe.

Joy-Anna With Baby Evelyn

Perhaps Joy and Austin have been taking their time.

With different schedules — and Joy staying up in the night — these busy parents of two might not have even had time to conceive.

But given the Duggar belief in yeeting out babies just as quickly as a womb can produce them, it’s not as unfair of a question as Joy’s response implied.

Sadly, it’s hard to celebrate any birth within the Duggar family without remembering that it’s not a family that any of us would want our worst enemies born into.

Joy and Austin took baby Evelyn to church as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to get worse. In fact, in recent weeks, the worst infection rates have been in rural areas.

Church is a particularly high-risk setting for a number of environmental and behavioral factors. We wish baby Evelyn the best and hope that she remains safe and healthy.