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Joy-Anna Duggar is in only 22 years old, but she’s not new to this parenting thing.

Joy-Anna welcomed her second child in August, and while most people her age would be seriously overwhelmed in her position, Joy seems to be handling it all quite well.

Joy-Anna Duggar and Two Kids

Of course, she’s also among the most private of the Duggars, so it’s tough to tell how she’s handling things.

Joy-Anna quit Counting On over the summer, so going forward, fans will be forced to rely on her Instagram page for updates about the growing Forsyth family.

This gives Joy a little more control over the narrative — but it doesn’t make her immune to messing up in public.

The Forsyth Family at Church

Case in point: Joy is currently getting savagely roasted for her decision to bring her infant daughter to church.

The trouble began when Joy posted the photo above, along with a caption reading simply, "Church this morning!"

Now, church attendance comes as naturally to the Duggars as wearing lots of denim, or juding other people for the manner in which they choose to live their lives.

Joy-Anna With Baby Evelyn

So Joy probably didn’t think twice about posting the pic, and she probably wasn’t trying to make any sort of political statement.

But as you may have heard, we’re in the middle of a pesky little global pandemic.

And needlessly taking a newborn baby into a crowded building full of strangers is still considered a very risky thing to do.

"Incredibly irresponsible to do so," one follower commented.

"I wouldn’t take a newborn that young around that many people in normal times — let alone in the middle of a pandemic," another wrote.

"I don’t get it. There’s plenty of church being streamed online," a third chimed in.

"They also have a large family cohort that they can hang out with, so there’s little risk of being bored, lonely, isolated, etc,"  yet another pointed out

"For me, the risk wouldn’t be worth it," still another fan opined.

You get the idea.

The situation is especially concerning, as baby Evelyn was born with liver problems and unusually high levels of bilirubin in her bloodstream.

She was forced to remain in the hospital under a blue light for an agonizingly long period of time, coming down only for nursing.

“My heart’s breaking. I want to hold her. I hate that she has to be in there by herself, but hopefully she can get over this soon," Joy wrote.

And believe it or not, the possibility of Evelyn catching the coronavirus was only one of the concerns fans expressed in the comments section.

Joy-Anna and Kids

Several followers shared their belief that Joy looked as though she was about to driop the baby in this pic.

“Why is she carrying that baby like that?" one follower asked.

“Haha! Thank you for your concern! I was holding Evy and then Gideon was trying to hold my hand!" Joy responded.

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin and Baby

"I wasn’t about to drop her [though],” she replied.  

Joy has yet to respond to the other concerns about her daughter’s health, but that’s no surprise.

After all, somehow, the Duggars still believe the coronavirus ia a hoax.

We didn’t think it was possible to be that foolish, but there you have it.