Joe Giudice to Teresa Giudice: Let's Stay Married, You Sexy Bish!

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey's Joe Giudice was deported to Italy and Teresa is still "friends" with her boy toy

Neither of those are exactly ideal for a marriage.

Teresa Giudice at Bravocon 2019

But despite reports that Teresa wants a divorce, Joe is still openly thirsting after his wife ... and posting horny messages.

On social media. For all to see. Down boy.

Teresa shared a number of photos from last weekend's Bravocon after last weekend, and Joe was quick to weigh in on them.

He did not mince words, either.

Joseph Giudice

"You look great," Joe wrote in a tasteful comment, before things quickly got hotter and heavier.

Keeping things almost professional, he gave her a thumbs up emoji and then wrote "XOXO."

That restraint did not last for long, however, as Joe then wrote another comment reading: "sexy bitch!"

Joe Giudice calls Teresa Giudice a sexy bish

Given their present circumstances, this was a pretty jaw-dropping and, as we mentioned, openly horny reply.

While it might be appropriate between partners or spouses, most would consider it to be crossing the line if left under an Instagram model's thirst trap.

(That, folks, is what the eyes emoji is for.)

In the mean time, Teresa has not publicly responded on Instagram to Joe's shameless thirst. At least not yet.

Teresa Giudice and Hubby

Following Joe's lengthy, drawn out appeal against deportation, he was unfortunately banished and sent to Italy.

Having come to the United States as a literal baby, the US is the only country that he has ever known. Italy is as foreign to him as to the rest of us.

However, Teresa and the girls did travel out to visit him.

Teresa Giudice on Bravo Couch

It was "very emotional," Teresa later recalled. “I was overwhelmed with joy. I was happy to see my daughters finally united with their dad."

Be that as it may, Teresa's own feelings towards Joe appear to have soured, and not only because he believes that she cheated on him.

Radar Online has been told that she wants out of this marriage.

Joe Giudice Selfie

"They’re definitely getting a divorce," the insider claimed.

So Joe's thirst may be even more futile than it already is - which is saying a lot, since they're now separated by an ocean.

Apparently the trip to Italy wasn't as cute and cuddly between spouses as it was for their daughters.

Joe & Teresa Giudice Image

"Teresa and Joe were arguing a lot," the source described. "And wouldn’t go near each other,”

“All of the photos of them together seem forced," the insider asserted.

“The girls are very happy with their dad and love seeing him," the source concluded. "But Teresa had a different attitude. Things were tense."

Visiting Joe

At Bravocon, Teresa strongly affirmed that she supports visits with Joe -- so long as it's her daughters doing the visiting.

"I encourage the kids because I have work and stuff so, but whenever the kids want to go, I have no problem sending them," she stated.

Teresa did note: "But they have school also."

Soaking Up the Italian Sun

But she is super hyped for her girls to bond more with their banished father over holiday breaks.

"They were thinking about Thanksgiving but Joe’s just getting his passport," Teresa revealed.

"So they wanted to meet in the Bahamas or something like that," she shared.

"But I don’t know if his passport’s going to be ready in time," Teresa admitted. "So definitely Christmas."

Awwww. Whatever you think of Joe and Teresa, and the makes they both have made, we wish them the best of luck as they grapple with the unjust horror of deportation.

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