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We all watched as Jess Caroline dumped Colt Johnson after his lies and cheating.

Now, she has moved on … and reportedly gotten married!!

In the summer of 2019, Jess was head over heels for 90 Day Fiance villain Colt Johnson.

Despite hearing a warning from Colt’s ex-wife, Larissa Lima, Jess thought that Colt was a sweetheart.

It would take time for her to realize her mistake.

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After the revelation that Colt had been lying to her — fabricating texts of ending a friendship in order to trick her — Jess was furious.

Eventually, she gave Colt another chance … only for multiple women to reach out to her and reveal that he had sent them dick pics.

She heard from eight of these women … but can only guess at how many he ultimately sent out.

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The final straw was when Jess traveled to see Colt at his home in Vegas and he finally confessed another secret to her.

Vanessa, the same friend about whom he had lied earlier in their relationship, had moved in with him and Debbie.

Even if her jealousy had been unfounded — and it was not — Jess knew that Colt should have respected her enough to tell her the truth.

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It was over, and Jess even met up with Larissa to discuss their mutual ex.

They had endured similar things in their relationship, from Debbie’s meddling to Colt’s tendency to send nudes to other women.

Jess felt used, disrespected, and insulted. As angry as she was, she was also hurt.

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But that, folks, was a whole year ago.

Since then, Jess — a gorgeous Brazilian model — has obviously had no trouble finding a new man.

In fact, she totally upgraded — and it looks like she’s playing for keeps!

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Jess has been dating Brian Hanvey.

Brian is a musician who openly adores his relationship with Jess.

He also happens to be friends with Larissa.

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An Instagram blogger named Coca Valdez has reportedly received a tip from a reliable source that Jess’ relationship is as serious as it can be.

Apparently, the two of them are married.

Though they have spent time in Vegas, it appears that they may have tied the knot in Michigan — where they were also spotted wearing what appear to be wedding bands.

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This union has not yet been officially confirmed, but we hope that it is all true!

We are wildly excited for Jess and eager to hear her love story of finding happiness after humiliation.

After all, Colt’s campaign of humiliation did not end with their breakup.

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Colt decided to join the adult media subscription site, OnlyFans.

In addition to posting his own photos — pictures reportedly taken by none other than Vanessa — Colt has landed himself in some trouble.

According to Jess and Larissa, Colt has been leaking their nudes in a revenge porn scheme, and allegedly posting photos of his exes on his page without their permission.

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There is no love lost between Colt and his exes.

Jess and Larissa are not the only women from his past who regard him with contempt — they are simply the two most famous among them.

We would express optimism that Colt will grow and change, but right now, his bad behavior towards women is making him famous. He’s not likely to change any time soon.