Jenelle Evans: Leah Messer Isn't Telling the Truth About Her Drug Problem!

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If you've been watching Teen Mom 2 this season, then you know that Leah Messer has really been opening up about her history with drug use.

It seems like you'd also be in the company of Jenelle Evans.

Jenelle Is Very Angry

It's been well over a year now since MTV fired Jenelle from the show because of her walking, talking trash bag of a husband, and she's said time and time again that she wants to distance herself from it.

But on Tuesday, when the new episode aired and when Leah was on Twitter bravely sharing even more of her journey, she just had to run her mouth.

Earlier in the day, Leah tweeted about how the crew of Teen Mom 2 helped her so much, and that without them, she probably wouldn't be alive today.

That evening, she wrote "I can't pour into others if I'm not whole myself. I've needed these past five years of somewhat isolation for my health and wellness."

Leah Teen Mom 2

And literally one minute later, Jenelle threw her worthless two cents in.

"I wonder if you're really going to tell the truth about your addiction," she tweeted. "I know too much. Why was I super honest about mine but you weren't Curious."

She added a "thinking out loud" hashtag, then made a whole new tweet with an "if the shoe fits" hashtag.

It's pretty clear that she's talking about Leah, right?

Leah Messer on Teen Mom Two

She's done the "I know too much" routine so many times before with other Teen Mom gossip, and the comment about being "super honest about mine but you weren't" definitely reads like she's talking about the show.

It's a pretty gross thing to say, and it also doesn't make sense because Leah's been incredibly honest about everything.

If she's sharing that she did illegal things to get drugs and that she even did heroin ... what else could she possibly have to share? Why would she lie about that?

Anyway, most of her followers also believed that she was talking about Leah, and they were not happy about her statements.

Jenelle Evans In Gucci

"YOU of all people telling someone to tell the truth about something!" one of those followers replied. "We are still waiting on you to set that example!"

"It's not a pissing contest Jenelle," another person wrote. "She went and got help for her children & overcame the dependency. What's your excuse? This is a disappointing post."

Someone told her "This is low even for you. Especially against someone who I've never seen post anything about you. Don't throw stones when you live in a glass house."

The replies to her tweet go on and on like that, because it's that clear that she was referring to Leah and that she was being awful.

Jenelle in Tears

But the next morning, Jenelle returned to Twitter to do some good old-fashioned backpedaling.

"Y'all have no idea wtf I'm even talking about ... but go ahead keep assuming," she wrote.

"If I tweet anything it's always taken the wrong way."

She added a laughing emoji as well as a middle finger emoji to that one, so you know she's in her feelings about this.

Jenelle Is Upset

In response to someone that said she was obviously still watching Teen Mom, she tweeted ".... This has nothing to do with anyone from the show. This is about an old friend of mine from high school."

"That wasn't about Leah," she repeated. "I wish you all would stop associating me with the show. Let's all move on now. Thanks!"

She finished her rant by saying "I won't be tweeting anymore. This drama that's being started out of thin air is enough for me. Catch me on YouTube."

She hasn't tweeted since, but she did share a Teen Mom story, so that's cute.

Jenelle Loves Weed

Look, this whole thing is just so goofy.

Jenelle has a really bad habit of lying about very obvious things in situations where it can be easily proven that she's lying.

Remember when she pulled a gun on that guy that cut her off in traffic, then a little while later when Jace, who was in the passenger seat, mentioned the gun she told him it wasn't true, even though there were cameras in her car recording the whole thing?

Or all those times she's said that David was never abusive when we've heard the 911 recordings and read her statements from court in which she very clearly claimed that he was abusive?

Jenelle and David at a Pot Dispensary

Yeah, this is kind of like that.

Why would she be tweeting about some girl from high school and her drug problem to her 1.2 million followers?

Why would it matter if she was honest about hers, like everyone from that high school has to be open about their personal problems with each other?

And she just happened to tweet about some random girl in North Carolina at the same time Leah was talking about her addiction when she has a history of being catty like this about her former costars?

Jenelle Launches a Website

It just doesn't make sense.

It would be nice if Jenelle could just admit when she does things like this, and maybe she could even try to do better going forward.

But we all know that's never going to happen, so we hope she's happy being this petty, we guess.

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