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A new season of Teen Mom 2 is almost upon us, and with it comes new revelations about the young families fans have come to know so well.

Many reality shows begin to grow stagnant after more than a decade on the air, but based on the Teen Mom 2 Season 10 trailers we’ve seen so far, the ladies still have plenty of drama to deliver.

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And as a bonus, they’re still doing it all without Jenelle Evans!

The first trailer contained a surprising bombshell, as Briana DeJesus revealed that she’d contracted an STD after having sex with one of her baby daddies.

But even that pales in comparison to what’s revealed in the second trailer.

Several years ago, Leah Messer checked into rehab.

At the time, she claimed she did so in order to seek treatment for emotional distress.

But footage of Leah that appeared on MTV seemed to tell a different story.

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Leah’s behavior seemed to suggest a prescription painkiller addiction.

In one sadly unforgettable scene, Messer passed out while holding a baby in her lap.

Now, five years later, it seems that Leah is ready to open up about the main source of her strife in those days.

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“I’ve never said this before but I was addicted to pain medication,” Leah says in the new trailer.

It’s a surprising confession for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that Leah decided to open up about that painful chapter in her life so many years after the fact.

It looks as though Leah shot the confessional segment herself, possibly while quarantined due to coronavirus concerns.

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But while she may have been alone when she made her confession, she’s certainly not alone in her struggle with substance abuse.

Nearly 50,000 Americans die every year from opioid addiction.

Many of those deaths could have been prevented through treatment of the type that Leah sought.

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It’s unclear why Leah felt the need to mislead fans for so long, but we applaud her for eventually telling the truth.

Reality TV audiences can be inordinately cruel, and she likely feared that she would be made to feel ashamed for her addiction.

The sad thing is, that’s probably exactly how the situation would have played out.

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Earlier this year, Leah published a memoir in which she shared many revelations about her painful past for the first time.

But never before has she discussed her painkiller addiction on camera.

Perhaps throughout this season, Leah will open up about other difficult chapters in her life.

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Or perhaps there are certain things she’d prefer to only talk about on the page.

Whataver the case, she deserves all the credit in the world for putting herself out there in the way that she has so far.

We’re sure if it can help just one struggling mom to feel less alone, then the criticism from bitter social media trolls will seem a small price to pay.

The new season of Teen Mom 2 premieres September 1.