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Jersey Shore has seen some devastating breakups over the years:

Ronnie and Sammi, Snooki and Crocodilly, Angelina and that guy who bought her a Fossil watch …

Hug for Harley
Photo via Instagram

But no Shore split has delivered as much drama as the Ronnie Magro-Jen Harley breakup.

Rehashing everything that went wrong between these two would be like trying to recap all eight seasons of Game of Thrones in 30 seconds — way too much happened, and it was ultimately such a letdown that there’s no point.

First, Jen got arrested for dragging Ronnie with her car during a fight in a parking lot.

Jen Harley and Ronnie Together Again

Then Ronnie got arrested and slapped with a restraining order after her allegedly assaulted Jen at an AirBnB.

The tragedy with these two is not that they broke up but that they ever got together in the first place.

Some good came out of the situation, of course, as Ronnie and Jen have a daughter together, 2-year-old Ariana Sky Magro.

Photo via Instagram

Obviously, that means they’re tied together for life, but something tells us these two disaster magnets would have kept finding their way back to one another anyway.

This week found Ronnie and Jen each announcing that they’re in a new relationship.

And we highly doubt the timing was coincidental.

Saffire Matos

First, Ronnie made it Instagram official with Saffire Matos, posting the pic above as an indication that he and his new gal pal are more than just friends.

Surprisingly, a source close to the situation says that "she isn’t his girlfriend, but they really do like each other a lot."

Could’ve fooled us!

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro in a Confessional
Photo via MTV

Not to be outdone, Harley also debuted her new love interest this week — and she also did it aboard a boat.

Jen recently celebrated her 33rd birthday, and she did it in the company of her new man, Rockstar Models owner Justin Hensley.

In addition to a successful modeling agency, it seems Justin also owns a yacht, so it stands to reason that that’s where the festivities took place.

Photo via Instagram

Jen posted several photos of her and Justin on her Instagram Story, several of which have since been deleted.

One of them was tellingly captioned "obsessed with you."

Yeah, we’re guessing there won’t be any sources coming forward to deny that Jen and Justin are a couple.

And we say good for them!

After all, Justin represents a major upgrade from Jen’s most recent hookup.

As you may recall, Harley was spotted making out with Chad Johnson of the Bachelorette infamy just a few weeks ago.

Jen Harley: Chad Johnson Got Me Drunk and Took Advantage Of Me!

Harley is a realtor in Vegas, which is the same city in which Johnson is launching his porn career

There was a time it looked as though Jen and Chad had formed some sort of unholy reality D-lister alliance.

However, it wasn’t long before Jen’s publicist issued a statement claiming that Johnson had gotten Harley drunk and taken advantage of her.

Jen Harley Up Close
Photo via Instagram

Chad denies the allegations, but the upshot is that these two probably won’t be picking out wedding china anytime soon.

And it appears that Jen is much, much happier with Justin.

Now, hopefully, she and Ronnie can stay the hell away from one another for a while.