Jenelle Evans: CPS Kidnapped My Children! David Was Right to Shoot Our Dog!

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There have been many, many times in the past when we thought Jenelle Evans had finally gone off the deep end.

But with her latest YouTube video, Jenelle has left little doubt that she's reached the point of instability where she now represents a threat to herself and those around her.

Last month, Evans revealed that she joined QAnon, an organization for paranoid conspiracy theorists.

That same week, she began promising a series of videos in which she would "expose" her "enemies" -- a group that includes MTV and Child Protective Services.

Now, the first installment in this series has been posted to Jenelle's YouTube page, and the contents of the video are deeply disturbing, to say the very least.

Take a look:

1. Jenelle vs. CPS

Jenelle vs. CPS
Jenelle has uploaded an intensely dramatic, nearly 1-hour video, in which she alleges that she was unfairly targeted by Child Protective Services and accuses the organization of essentially kidnapping her children.

2. Getting Straight to the Point

Getting Straight to the Point
Evans kicks things off in VERY dramatic fashion with a recording from a 911 call, followed by footage of her crying, which she apparently shot herself.

3. A Talent for Propaganda

A Talent for Propaganda
From there, she shows a brief clip of her daughter Ensley crying. No context is provided, but it seems we're supposed to conclude that the girl was in tears because her brother had been taken by CPS.

4. Presenting Her Case

Presenting Her Case
In her well-rehearsed "addressing the court" voice, Jenelle then says to the camera, "Within the next few episodes, I'm gonna explain the corruption, distress, trauma introduced to my family by CPS of May, 2019."

5. A Side of Word Salad

A Side of Word Salad
"I'm doing this to expose the truth to what happened despite all the media reports," Jenelle continued, making enough sense that we can sort of follow along.

6. You Just Said That

You Just Said That
"I'm also doing this to share with my fans what has really happened," Evans reiterated.

7. Bear In Mind, Jenelle Was the One Doing the Grading

Bear In Mind, Jenelle Was the One Doing the Grading
Jenelle goes on to explain that "life was great" before CPS got involved in her affairs. She claims that Ensley was being homeschooled and "making perfect grades."

8. A Shred of Truth

A Shred of Truth
From there, she shifts her focus to Kaiser. Once again, she paints a rosy picture of life in the Eason household, but she admits her youngest son was having disciplinary problems in school.

9. Like ... Really?

Like ... Really?
The fact that Jenelle's montage of wholesome family moments includes this pic, in which she's wearing a hat that reads "on my knees more than Tim Tebow," and Jace's hat says, "future 40-year-old virgin" serves as a reminder that she sets the bar for domestic stability very, very low.

10. Good Times

Good Times
"No one had any concerns," Jenelle says of this time in her life. "We would take the kids tubing all the time, we would take them out on the boat."

11. Better Days

Better Days
Those are arguably the same activity, and she failed to come up with a third, but we get her point.

12. A Daily Freakin' Fairytale

A Daily Freakin' Fairytale
So according to Jenelle, despite countless insider reports to the contrary, life in the Eason household was all sunshine and rainbows in early 2019. Then it all came crashing down ....

13. Poor Nugget

Poor Nugget
"Then," Jenelle dramatically intones, "there was the dog indicent."

14. Savage Beast (With Dog)

Savage Beast (With Dog)
She's referring, of course, to the incident in which David shot and killed the family dog in front of Jenelle's kids, prompting the CPS investigation that led to their removal from the home.

15. Looking Guilty AF

Looking Guilty AF
At this point, Jenelle brings David on to explain the situation himself, and it's every bit as asinine as you would expect.

16. What a Monster (Again, Not the Dog)

What a Monster (Again, Not the Dog)
"She was loving to me, but she was not loving to the kids," David explained in what is either a lie or an admission that he doesn't know how to train a dog.

17. Riiiiiight

Eason explains that during his upbringing, adults shot pet dogs in front of their kids all the time. He recounts one incident in which a guy brought his dog to David's house just to shoot it in front of him.

18. Damaged Goods

Damaged Goods
Again, this is probably a lie, but if not, it explains a lot about why David turned out so irreparably effed up.

19. He's Not Even Good at Lying

He's Not Even Good at Lying
David goes on to explain that in coastal North Carolina, people shoot dogs every day for offenses as innocuous as wandering onto their property, which is 100 percent, provably untrue.

20. The Waterworks

At this point, Jenelle gets emotional as she describes receiving a phone call from Kaiser's school informing her that he had been interviewed by CPS, and his grandmother had been allowed to take him home.

21. The Saga Continues

The Saga Continues
From there, Jenelle cries more -- a lot more -- as she describes how her son was "shooken up" by ... being picked up from school from his grandmother?

22. Get to the Point

Get to the Point
At this point, we're nearly 15 minutes (!!!) into the video, and Jenelle still hasn't explained how CPS was in the wrong in any of this.

23. Feeling Blue

Feeling Blue
Finally, she makes her accusation: She says CPS didn't have signed authorization to allow Kaiser's grandmother to pick him up -- which, they absolutely do not need in cases where they feel the child may be in immediate danger.

24. Angry Evans

Angry Evans
Jenelle rants and raves as she describes the process of failing multiple CPS home inspections and having her other kids removed from the home.

25. Ah, Yes ... A Reliable Source

Ah, Yes ... A Reliable Source
She says she "wasn't hiding a f--king thing" and encourages her fans not to believe the media, but instead to "believe my words, and what I have to say."

26. The Real Crisis

As much as Jenelle cries while talking about having her children temporarily placed with relatives, she cries even harder when describing the moment when her assistant manager (she has more than one manager?) called her and told her she had been "let go" by MTV.

27. Out of Left Field

Out of Left Field
After that, things really go off the rails, as Jenelle trots out special guests such as David (again), and her mother, Barbara, and the topic (for some reason) turns to Amber Portwood, and the fact that she still works for MTV.

28. Yeah, No

Yeah, No
Fortunately, Jenelle's viewers weren't buying this nonsense, especially since it coincided with the posting of a TikTok video in which Jenelle can be seen guzzling drinks and running around her property topless in what appears to be the middle of the day.

29. Called Out

Called Out
"So through all this you can't see that David's the damn problem?? You just said it multiple times in here," one fan commented.

30. Her M.O.

Her M.O.
Jenelle didn't respond to that comment, and she never will ... but she will eventually delete it.

31. Same Old Story

Same Old Story
Because this video was never about getting to the truth. It was about Jenelle lying to create a sob story and rake in some YouTube revenue.

32. An Act of Desperation

An Act of Desperation
And apparently, this is the first of SIX videos on this topic. We encourage you not to put money in Jenelle's pocket by watching them. Fear not, we'll have the recaps for you right here.

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