Fans to David Eason: Please Don't Kill Your Kittens!

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Jenelle Evans and David Eason live on a stretch of property that they call a farm.

But since the Easons don't grow any crops, and the animals they raise only get slaughtered when David is pissed off, bored, drunk, or all three, the couple's social media followers think of the land more as a putrid swamp.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason in 2020

It helps that "putrid" is one of the first words that springs to mind when you look at any picture of these two,

If your smartphone had scratch-and-sniff capabilities, you wouldn't be able to open an article about Jenelle and David without falling out of your chair.

Anyway, as appalling as David's hygiene might be, the worst thing about him his tendency to abuse and neglect children and animals.

Jenlle and David Celebrate Three Years

(Actually, David's bigotry is pretty high on the list, too. This guy is just awful from every angle.)

In recent weeks, Eason's savagery toward animals has been in the news thanks to a disgusting video in which David boasts about killing his kids' pet goat.

Again, the Easons claim to be living the farm life, and slaughtering animals comes with the territory -- but most farmers don't encourage their kids to name their future meat and then make nauseating videos where the poor creature's head can be seen in a trash can.

Of course, prior to that incident, David shot and killed the family dog during one of his infamous temper tantrums.

This was done in front of his children, who were removed from the home by CPS as a result of the investigation that followed.

We bring all of this up not to re-traumatize anyone, but to point explain why social users were so upset by a recent Instagram Story in which David can be seen playing with a litter of kittens.

David Eason With Kittens

"They're just chilling," David says in the clip.

He's talking about the kittens, but that comment probably also works as a description of the thoughts running through his head.

"They won't get offa you," he adds.

David Eason and Kittens

Sadly, kittens can't keep up on celebrity gossip, so they don't know how concerned they should be.

For obvious reasons, folks who commented on the clip were deeply concerned about these animals' futures.

"They have new animals every other week it's disturbing," one person wrote.

David, Ensley, a Chicken

"Why TF do they keep getting kittens?" another asked.

"They rotate cats as much as they do beer," a third chimed in.

At the moment, there's no reason to believe that David has mistreated the animals.

David with Nugget

But there's also no reason to believe he won't do exactly that in the very near future.

The problem is, not only are Jenelle and David violent maniacs, they've also shown themselves to be negligent pet owners.

So even if David doesn't start hurling kittens into a wood chipper because Jenelle forgot to pick up the dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets he likes, there's still a good chance these newcomers to The Land won't receive the kind of care they need.

David Kissing Nugget

We get it, Jenelle and David are cosplaying as farmers, or ranchers, or whatever because it's better than thinking of themselves as unemployed degenerates.

We just wish they could content themselves with growing a patch of alfalfa or some sh-t.

Actually, we wish they would just disappear from the internet altogether, but this is still 2020, so we should probably save our wishes for more important things.

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