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As we discussed earlier this week, David Eason is easily the worst of the Teen Mom baby daddies, which is really saying something.

Abuse, neglect, racism, homophobia, cruelty to animals, substance abuse — you name an appalling behavior, and David has engaged in repeatedly, and with great enthusiasm.

David Eason Stupid
Photo via Instagram

David was fired from Teen Mom 2 back in 2018, but rather than finding a new job, he’s devoted all that free time to trolling on social media and reminding the world what a demented bully he is.

Like his hero in the White House, Eason will attack anyone who criticizes or disagrees with him.

And like bullies everywhere, his favorite method is to berate his victims for their appearance.

Eason and Goat
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You see, David seems not to realize how widely disliked he is.

That’s the danger of social media — people like Jenelle and David can create a bubble and filter out all the negativity, which leads them to believe they’re beloved TV personalities.

It’s for this reason that David feels confident going after people who are well-liked — people like Chelsea Houska’s father, Randy.

Dave Eason
Photo via MTV

Randy — or Papa Randlicious, as he’s known on Twitter — might not appear in every episode, but he’s one of the most beloved stars in the Teen Mom universe.

He’s also a fierce advocate for the women and children on the show, which means he’s a nightmare for abusers like David.

Earlier this week, David encountered this post on Facebook about how much TM2 fans adore Randy.

Apparently, it was too much for him to take, as he started bashing Randy in the comments.

"Because he looks like an off season Santa Claus?" David wrote, clearly believeig that he’s the height of wit.

"Because he is so involved with the Teen Mom drama that he might as well get the logo tattooed on his ball sack," Eason added.

Why he would he get a tattoo on his … never mind.

The point is, David hasn’t learned a thing from getting fired or having his kids taken away by CPS.

He’s just as immature and obnoxious as ever.

David Eason on The Land
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Thankfully, fans were quick to jump in and defend Papa Rand.

"You’re literally a swamp creature failure as a husband and father," one commenter wrote.

"You won’t ever be half of what Randy is, but keep following Teen Mom pages and stirring up drama to try and remain relevant. The MTV checks aren’t coming back."

Jenelle and David Sittin' on a Porch
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We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

David is having a hell of a week on social media, as he also got roasted for playing an idiotic game in which he stabbed a knife between his fingers.

"What a stupid thing to do," one person aptly wrote.

"Do they have health insurance for if he cuts his finger off?" a second added.

"They are both so dull and boring yet think the complete opposite of themselves," a third chimed.

Yes, David is going to increasingly desperate lengths in is effort to remain semi-relevant.

We shudder to think where this road might lead him.