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It’s hard to imagine that anyone could hate Chelsea Houska.

But this is 2020 — a time when people are more pissed off than ever before, which means that even Chelsea has to deal with trolls and haters.

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Chelsea is the most popular Teen Mom star, so she doesn’t have to deal with as much criticism as the others.

But for that reason it might hurt even more when some trash-talker starts blowing up Houska’s comments:

These attacks often come as a surprise, and unlike so many of her co-stars, Houska has done nothing to deserve them.

Chelsea Houska and Amazing Husband

The past few months have seen Chelsea stumble into a few mini-controversies, all of them very minor, especially by Teen Mom standards.

Last week, Houska was accused of exploiting her daughter by using drama in Aubree’s life to gain more screen time on Teen Mom 2.

Prior to that, Chelsea was slammed as a snob for charging too much for a diaper bag from her accessories collection.

The Hollywood Gossip

Like we said, all very minor stuff, but Chelsea took a fair bit of flak in both situations.

Most recently, Houska was criticized by fans who declared that her South Dakota farmhouse is "ugly."

Obviously, this is the most ridiculous Houska-related controversy to date, but it still attracted quite a few haters to Chelsea’s page.

"When was the last time I showed the exterior? My dad went out and got some really awesome drone shots the other day and I HAD to share," Houska captioned some photos of her palatial new crib.

"I just love it. Crazy to think how close we are to being done!!" she added.

The critics, however, were not as excited with the look as Chelsea was.

Chelsea Houska and Baby Bump

"Sooooooo ugly oh my god," one commenter wrote.

"Hideous. With her house budget, she could have chosen something gorgeous. This is terrible and so is the corn field view," another echoed.

"This house is WAY too black. Yuck," a third chimed in.

Photo via Instagram

The situation got so bad that Chelsea finally felt the need to defend herself.

"The whole point is that it sure isn’t going to be for everybody, but it is for US," she responded to one comment.

"I encourage people to make bold decisions they love and not worry about other opinions."

It’s hard to imagine that Chelsea didn’t have those same haters on her mind this week when she posted a meme that kindly encourages the bullies of the world to STFU for a change.

"A lot of people need someone to be kind to them today," the meme reads.

It’s a harmless sentiment, but the timing is everything here.

Chelsea Houska With Son and Daughter

Chelsea posted the meme after taking some of the worst criticism of her career for something as innocuous as the color of her house.

She’s encouraging her fans to be kind to one another, but she’s also encouraging people not to go out of their way to be jerks to strangers on the internet.

It’s a reminder that we could all use from time to time — especially as 2020 stretches us all to our breaking points.