Jenelle Evans: Kailyn Lowry Is a Worse Parent Than Chris Lopez!

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Shots fired!

Folks, it looks as though the longstanding feud between Jenelle Evans and Kailyn Lowry is officially back on!

Kail and Jenelle 2

Of course, knowing these two, it was probably never really "off."

If you're a longtime Teen Mom 2 fan, you know that the cold war between these ex-co-stars occasionally turns hot.

And things are currently heating up on Twitter as a result of Jenelle's decision to wade into an argument that had nothing to do with her, which is a very Jenelle thing to do.

Jenelle Can Count

Over the weekend, Kail blasted her deadbeat baby daddy Chris Lopez for giving their eldest son, Lux, a haircut without her permission.

In a series of Instagram posts, Kail went on to blast Chris as a "narcissist" and accuse him of using "control tactics."

“I’m just at a place where it’s like OK, you could f–k with me all you want. You can choke me, you can put your hands on me, you can burn my book on social media, you can cheat on me," Lowry said in an Instagram Live video, referencing earlier assault allegations against Lopez.

Lowry Pic

"Do whatever you want, right? But the second you do something to my child, I’m gonna come out of character because you’re using the child as a manipulation tool.”

Lopez fired back in the douchey style for which he's now known:

“I’ve been wanting to cut my son’s hair, so the fact that I cut off a little bit of his edges, she should be happy I didn’t f–king scalp his ass, all right?” he said at the time.

“Let’s be [on] some real s—t. That’s my son, so if I decide to make a decision on my son or anybody, I can.”

It's Lux

Clearly, there's a lot more going on here than just hair.

Which means Jenelle knew exactly what she was doing when she decided to tweet about the situation.

“I would have cut that little boy’s hair too,” she wrote.

Jenelle Loves Weed

“Barbara [Evans] agrees too,” Jenelle added, as though the entire world was waiting with bated breath to find out what Babs thinks of this kid's hair.

Not content to throw a few words of subtle shade in her rival's direction, Jenelle proceeded to really go off with one of her signature tirades:

“It’s really sad to see when the mother is the difficult one and holds the child away from the father while coparenting," she tweeted.

Jenelle Evans For QAnon

"You can hate the other parent all you want but they aren’t going away like you want sooooo bad. #SorryNotSorry.”

Yes, as if 2020 hadn't already packed enough hilariously sad surprises, we now have Jenelle Evans giving co-parenting advice on Twitter.

And if you thought she would stop there, you don't know Jenelle (or the quantity of chemicals she appears to be consuming these days).

Jenelle on the Weed Farm

It may have been early morning on a school day, but Evans prattled on with the kind of unhinged tirade that she used to be capable of only late at night while fueled by potent substances:

“If I block you on Twitter … don’t try sliding into my IG DMs and start to explain yourself,” she wrote.

“Anddddd if you don’t want me commenting on your life … don’t comment on mine.” 

Jenelle Evans In Gucci

And folks, she still wasn't finished.

“You know what I find ‘comical,’ Kail? Your podcast,” Jenelle added, apropos of nothing.

“All you do since you’ve existed on TV is be a complete bitch and one horrible friend," she continued.

Kail and Jenelle 1

"You can talk about me on your podcast and do interviews about me … but don’t own up to that.”

So there you have it folks -- don't have a disagreement with you co-parent on social media or Jenelle might swoop in, side with someone she's never met, and start spewing her usual nonsense.

It's yet another reminder that if 2020 were a washed-up former reality star, it would be Jenelle Evans.

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