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We’re about to write a lot words about Kody Brown and company because there’s a lot to say about the troubled stars of Sister Wives.

But we can go ahead and answer the question posed in the headline to this article with just one word.

And that word is this:

Sister Wives, United
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Despite having owned a large parcel of land in Coyote Pass in Arizona, we can now confirm that absolutely no progess has been made in terms of construction.

Which could bode very poorly for the Browns and their ever-escalating financial difficulties.

Might they truly go broke?

Sister Wives: A Poster
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In June 2018, the family spent $820,000 on this property, with plans to divide it into four sections and to build multiple homes on it — one for Janelle, Meri, Robyn and Christine.

Then, on this past season of Sister Wives, Kody tried to convince his spouses to build a single huge mansion instead so that the entire family could live under one roof.

This idea was met with extreme skepticism by Kody’s better halves.

And, surprisingly, it sounds as if the wives’ may win out in the end, according to his Kody and Christine’s daughter, Gwendlyn.

Sister Wives Selfie
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Earlier this week, the 18-year old responded to a question from an Instagram follower about the Coyote Pass property by writing:

“We haven’t built anything yet. But I can guarantee it won’t be just one house."

Gwendlyn also replied to another commenter who asked if the family is living on the land yet:

“No we won’t be for a while.”

sister wives poster

Why might this spell doom for the Sister Wives crew?

Because Kody has shelled out a total of $1.8 million on real estate so far in Flagstaff.

He and Christine put a $390,000 down payment on a $520,000 house they recently purchased.

He and Robyn put down $667,500 on their $890,000 home in August 2019.

Heck, Kody even threatened to divorce Robyn after she refused to purchase a home because she feared it would stall the family from building and would simply add to their growing debt.

Kody Brown Yammers
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Meri and Christine, meanwhile, live in rented homes… which means they have to actually pay rent.

Take the massive amount Kody spent to buy Coyote Pass itself, as cited above, and you get well into the seven figures.

If Kody were to actually build on the gigantic plot of land he purchased two years ago, he could sell the two houses he owns and he could stop paying rent on the other two.

He could maybe salvage things.

Robyn, Kody and Meri
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Instead, we have Christine Brown falling into medical debt and Robyn applying for an emergency home equity line of credit in the amount of $150,000 and we have a family in crisis.

Did we mention that Kody has 18 kids as well?

“Financially, we’re drowning," Christine said months ago, early on in the latest season of Sister Wives.

All this time later? Nothing has changed.