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We have some allegedly troubling news, celebrity gossip fans and followers:

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Jen Harley are back together.

Jen Harley and Ron Ron

Thankfully, we mean this literally.

The veteran Jersey Shore cast member and his often-volatile ex-girlfriend were seen in Huntington Beach, California on Wednesday.

TMZ has posted a photo of Ronnie and Jen walking side-by-side across the street two days ago, not arguing or hurling any inanimate objects at each other for a change.

Instead, the exes were strolling calmly amid other pedestrians while caring for their two-year old daughter, Ariana.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Jen Harley Smooch

According to TMZ insiders, however, there’s no need to be concerned.

There’s no need to worry that Ronnie and Jen are ONCE AGAIN giving their roller coaster relationship yet another try.

Instead, they’ve evidently realized (at last) that they aren’t meant for each other — and are merely spending time together on occasion for the sake of their toddler.

Hug for Harley

Writes this typically reliable website:

We’re told they took the last few months to get in a good place as co-parents and friends, and they’ve figured out it’s healthier for the entire family to remain friendly and support their kid.

Thank goodness, right?

The last we heard from Harley, she said she was scared to rekindle any sort of romance with Ronnie… but we were hesitant to believe her.

Jen Harley and Ronnie and Daughter

Both sides of this troubled connection have said similar things in the past, only to continually be drawn back into one another’s orbits.

This, despite Ronnie getting arrested in October for allegedly assaulting Harley and needed to get tazed by police officers in order to get taken into custofy.

And this, despite Harley having been arrested in the past for allegedly throwing a glass ashtray at Ronnie.

Harley had even taken out a restraining order against Ronnie as a result of his mid-autumn actions, but it was dissolved in May after the mother and father came to a mutual agreement they no longer need it.

Ronnie and Jen on the Beach

Ronnie reached a plea deal in the wake of his violent antics several months ago, meaning he will not be spending any time behind bars.

He didn’t spend any time with Ariana after his arrest, either, which may have been for the best in the short term because Ronnie clearly has some issues to work on.

He even entered rehab in early 2019 in acknowledgment of these issues, stating for the public record that he has a drinking problem.

In the long run, however?

Jen and Ronnie, Out and About

All little girls need their fathers around, you know?

What they do NOT need, though, is their father constantly berating their mother and/or getting dragged down the street in a car by their mother.

Yes, this really happened in 2018.

And then, yes, Ronnie and Jen still got back together afterward!

Together for Christmas

Let’s all hope and pray at this point that Ronnie and Jen really have figured things out and really are putting the well-being of their daughter above all else.

They should stop having intercourse.

They should stop thinking they can work out any romantic issues.

And they should simply be kind to each other when in the presence of their child from time to time.

It really shouldn’t be that difficult.