Ronnie Magro: I'm Innocent, Bro! I Was Just Protecting My Daughter!

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Ronnie Magro and Jen Harley are the most dangerous couple in Hollywood ... or just about anywhere they go, to be perfectly honest. This point is really not up for debate anymore.

The details of recent bombshell events surrounding the gruesome twosome remain in doubt, though - especially now that Rahn's camp is apparently in damage control mode.

Days after the Jersey Shore star got arrested, his attorney has spoken out and a new report has come to light that may paint a different picture of events than initially believed.

Is Magro really a violent cocaine user who threatened his girlfriend / daughter's mother with a knife? Or might he be a responsible dad who would do anything to protect his kid?

Consider the facts and rumors and try to decide for yourself ...

1. Let's Start Here:

Let's Start Here:
Harley and Magro are simply horrible for each other. Like, beyond terrible. We don't normally like to make blunt statements like this, but we don't see how it isn't a statement of fact at this point. They became parents in April 2018 when the former gave birth to a girl named Ariana... and within weeks, Jen was trashing Ronnie as a "deadbeat dad" and Ronnie referred to Jen as a "cum dumpster."

2. And They Stayed Together After That?

And They Stayed Together After That?
God, yes. And then also after Harley got arrested for dragging Ronnie down the street with her car and after she hurled a glass ashtray at his head on New Year's Eve 2018. Yes, you heard that correctly. Jen got arrested after Ron was dragged down the friggen street by her car.

3. That's Crazy. What's the Latest?

That's Crazy. What's the Latest?
Very early on the morning of October 4, last Friday, Ronnie was arrested for allegedly attacking Jen and even for (allegedly) holding their daughter hostage in a series of events so shocking, even by their standards, that we're still reeling.

4. Uhhhh, WHAT?

Uhhhh, WHAT?
It's true. Reports state that Ronnie and Jen were renting a home in Los Angeles when they got into yet another huge argument, and not unlike Teen Mom's Amber Portwood and Andrew Glennon, it got violent despite a tiny child being present for it.

5. Jen Then Made a Run for It

Jen Then Made a Run for It
This part of the story seems to have been confirmed. There's surveillance footage, courtesy of the home next door, that does show Harley holding Ariana, seemingly in a huge panic, and making a break for it.

6. Can We See That Photo?

Can We See That Photo?
Yup. Here it is. As you can see, Harley is carrying the couple's daughter whilst high-tailing it away from Ron.

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