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As we previously reported, Justin Hartley and Sofia Pernas are dating.

But their romance has fallen under scrutiny as Chrishell Stause’s divorce drama goes public.

Photo via Instagram

According to In Touch Weekly, finding out that Justin Hartley got with Sofia Pernas was not easy for Chrishell.

An insider tells the tabloid that she “felt stabbed in the heart” at the news.

When she “found out for sure” that the two actors were “hooking up,” it broke her heart, the source adds.

Justin Hartley with Chrishell Stause
Photo via Instagram

“Justin twisted the knife even deeper by making their relationship Instagram official,” the insider characterizes.

“She had her suspicions that something was going on between Justin and Sofia before they went public," the source adds.

"And," the insider says, Chrishell "is still trying to put the pieces together and figure out the truth.”

Photo via Instagram

Notably, Justin and Sofia — who co-starred years ago on The Young And The Restless — were spotted together back in May.

This was six months after Justin separated from Chrishell, filing for divorce and notifying her of the filing via text.

Later, Justin and Sofia went softly Instagram official — not posting a selfie, but just sharing photos from the same outing so that followers could connect the dots.

Chrishell has been entertainingly honest about her struggle to keep it classy on social media.

She has, however, "liked" a number of tweets related to her divorce.

While some were just jokes in her defense, one happened to be a tweet theorizing that Justin had cheated. 

Justin Hartley and Chrishell Stause

“@Justinhartley filmed a movie in Canada at the same time his new girlfriend @SofiaPernas was filming the summer before they split," a tweet reads.

The tweet continues: "The timing seems like he probably cheated on @Chrishell7 and took a coward’s way out to avoid spousal support and gaslight her."

While that’s not what gaslighting means, we should note that Chrishell "liked" that tweet. 

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First of all, we have to emphasize that there is no evidence that Justin cheated on Chrishell at all, let alone with Sofia.

Though the two have filmed in Canada, they did work together years ago. Sometimes, the newly divorced connect with hot, single friends.

And even if Justin did cheat, that would not in any way be Sofia’s fault.

Chrishell herself has asked her fans and supporters to please, please tone down the vitriol.

Though she does not name any names, it seems that someone — likely Justin, possibly Sofia — was getting hate on her behalf.

That’s not what she wants to see. There are real people on the other ends of those Twitter accounts, folks.

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Speaking of speaking out, this week, Lindsay Krman-Hartley came to Justin’s defense.

Lindsay, who was married to Justin and shares a (now high school aged) daughter with him, called Justin an "exemplifcation of a solid man."

Their daughter, Isabella Justice Hartley, echoed her mother’s sentiments by sharing them on Instagram.

It should be noted, speaking of Isabella and Instagram, that Isabella and Sofia are Instagram mutuals.

While there are many reasons to follow someone on social media, the simplest explanation is that Justin’s daughter and girlfriend are fond of each other.

Whatever did or did not happen, we hope that all parties involved can move forward with grace, find happiness, and live their best lives.