Jinger Duggar Slammed By Fans For Offering Dating Advice: STFU! You Don't Understand Real Relationships!

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Members of the Duggar family don’t “date” in the traditional sense.

They engage in a practice called “courting,” which is a very different process. 

Jinger Duggar on Her Gram

But while all of Jim Bob’s daughters have adhered to most of the ridiculous rules their father set out for them, Jinger has rebelled against them In a number of important ways.

For starters, she was the first to marry a man who wasn’t hand-picked for her by her father.

(Let’s hope that trend continues.)

Jinger Duggar and Fam

And the defiance only continued once Jinger and Jeremy tied the knot, a fact that has often resulted in major friction within the Counting On clan.

In fact, when the Vuolos moved to Los Angeles, Jinger was reportedly disowned by her infuriated parents.

In the months that followed, Jinger’s “modern” lifestyle became a subject of scorn and derision among her family’s more traditional fans.

The Vuolos In 2020

The situation has left Jinger in a difficult position:

She may feel that her experience has left her uniquely qualified to offer advice to others.

Unfortunately, the people receiving that advice seem to disagree.

Jinger Podcasts

You see, Jinger and Jeremy are the first members of the extended Duggar clan to host a podcast, and on that podcast, they offer advice to other couples. 

But a large chunk of their listening audience wishes the Vuolos would keep their opinions to themselves.  

Specifically, they wish Jinger would refrain from offering advice to single women.

Jinger Duggar, Podcast Host

Their reason is simple — like all Duggar women, Jinger got married and started a family at a very young age, and before she met Jeremy, she lived an incredibly sheltered life. 

Thus, she doesn't seem fit to comment on the plight of modern single women.

The situation came to a head this week when Jinge and Jer offered counsel on a subject that neither of them knows much about — the challenges of being single in the year 2020.

The advice itself was the sort of innocuous stuff you can find within the pages of any issue of Cosmo.

Jinger Duggar, Jeremy Vuolo Photo

But it was Jinger's lack of qualifications that left a bad taste in some folks' mouths.

“Jinger was single for like five [minutes]. Don’t think she knows much about that topic,” one commenter wrote, according to In Touch.

“Yikes, you were not single long,” another listener added.

In Love with Jeremy

“Nope, sorry, Jinger. I cannot take this seriously. You have no idea what it is like being single. You have never been responsible on your own for anything at all," a third chimed in, adding:

"You went from your parents’ house to your husband’s house. And you were very young to get married as well, so it isn’t like you were single for very long.”

That may seem unnecessarily harsh, but the commenters do have a point.

Jinger Duggar with Jeremy

Jinger has never had to pay rent, work a real job, or date a succession of men who turned out not to be Mr. Right.

These days, Jinger is pregnant with her second child, so she certainly knows a thing or two about responsibility.

But she knows very, very little about the responsibilities faced by modern women in their twenties, and she might do well to keep her opinions about such matters to herself.

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