Prince William to Prince Harry: You Moved WAY Too Fast With Meghan Markle!

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When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stepped down from their roles as senior members of the royal, many supporters of the couple hoped that the former duke and duchess would finally have a chance to tell their side of the story.

Now, it seems that day has come … sort of.

A Fab Four

No, Harry and Meghan aren’t publishing memoirs or lambasting their tormentors in the press.

But they have granted their silent consent to a revealing new book that paints a mostly unflattering picture of Meghan’s in-laws.

Finding Freedom hasn’t been explicitly endorsed by Harry and Meghan, but it’s authors —Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand —  are journalists the couple worked with closely during their time in London, so the fact that they haven’t condemned any of its revelations can be taken as a sign that they approve of the book’s contents.

Finding Freedom

That means that Scobie and Durand’s bestseller has granted us an unprecedented look into the inner-workings of the royal family.

And you can bet Meghan and Harry's tacit approval of the book is creating major waves within the royal family.

In fact, it's been rumored that the queen's outrage over the book led to her decision to scrub Harry and Meghan from the official royal website and essentially ban them from palace life forever.

It seems that Harry's family is particularly upset about passages in the book that detail his fractured relationship with Prince William.

The authors claim Harry was wildly excited about the prospect of introducing Meghan to his older brother, describing her as “the most beautiful woman I’ve seen in my life.” 

As we now know, the relationship moved very rapidly -- which left William concerned.

Eff Those Royals

Within days of meeting her Prince Charming, Meghan became one of the few followers of his secret Instagram account, @SpikeyMau5.

According to Finding Freedom Harry and Meghan were saying "I love you" to one another less than three months after their first date.

But the romance was soon complicated by intrusions from Harry’s family, particularly William.

Markle and Prince Harry

According to Scobie and Durand, William feigned excitement in the early days of Harry and Meghan’s relationship, but it was soon revealed that he was extremely skeptical of the America actress who had stolen his brother’s heart.

“I was looking forward to meeting the girl who has put that silly grin on my brother’s face,” William reportedly told Meghan at their first meeting.

Speaking privately with his brother, however, William was less enthused.


“Don’t feel like you need to rush this,” William told Harry, according to sources in the book.

“Take as much time as you need to get to know this girl.”

“Harry was pissed off,” another source said.

“Pissed off that his brother would ask such a thing. Some felt it was an overreaction." the insider added.

2 Princes

"But then this totally sums them up as people -- William the calm and rational one, and Harry who can’t help but take things far too personally.” 

According to the book, William and Harry have had a rocky relationship throughout their adult lives, owing largely to their competition for the affection of their father, Prince Charles.

“While Charles may be a father to Harry, he’s also their boss, and that makes their relationship complex for a number of reasons,” a source said in the book.


“Where you are born in this family dictates your position of power, and because of that, Harry has always come second to his brother, especially when it comes to funding," the insider added.

"There were times in the past when Harry wanted to take on bigger projects and do more work, but he couldn’t get the money to support it. William was always the priority. A lot of their quarrels have been over budgets."

The book also details the royals' decision to strip Harry of his military titles as a result of his retirement from royal life -- a punitive move that reportedly still rankles.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Get Serious

“That’s been a tough pill to swallow, and one that has been the most painful for Meghan to witness him go through,” a source close to the couple said.

“It’s the one that made Harry emotional.”

“It was so unnecessary,” Meghan reportedly told a friend.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry on Wedding Day

“And it’s not just taking something away from him; it’s also the entire military veteran community. You can see how much he means to them, too. So why? The powers [of the institution] are unfortunately greater than me.” 

Needless to say, it sounds like there’s still a great deal of bad blood between Meghan and her in-laws.

It’s a difficult situation, and it seems unlikely that these latest revelations will do anything to help the relationship.

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