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For months now, we’ve been reporting on an anti-Jim Bob rebellion that’s been going on within the Duggar family.

Some have claimed that "rebellion" is a bit of a strong word — after all, it’s not as though the insurgents are planning to kick in the door of the Duggar compound with torches and pitchforks — but whatever you call it, the winds of change seem to be blowing hard in Jim Bob’s face these days.

Duggar Family Reunion 2020
Photo via Instagram

Appropriately, the rebels are none other than Jim Bob’s daughters, who have long been oppressed by his patriarchal world view.

We don’t know exactly where all of the Duggar daughters stand with regard to their views on Jim Bob, but we know which ones are clearly fed up with living life under his thumb.

For example, Jill Duggar is no longer on speaking terms with her father.

Jill Duggar Battles the Coronavirus

Jinger Duggar was briefly disowned by her parents as a result of her disregard for their way of life.

Even Joy-Anna Duggar quit Counting On, seemingly as a result of frustrations with life as a cog in her father’s media machine.

And then there’s the women who are stuck in between, like 30-year-old Jana Duggar.

Jana Duggar is Single
Photo via Instagram

Jana’s forms of protest have been more subtle, but perhaps that’s a natural consequence of the fact that she still lives at home.

Still, Jana has defied the Duggar dress code several times in recent weeks, which is usually the first sign that one of the Duggar daughters is no longer completely on board with Jim Bob’s belief system.

First, Jana bared her shoulders on what appeared to be an unchaperoned vacation (another violation of Jim Bob’s strict code of conduct.)

Jana Duggar on Vacation

Now, she’s following in Jinger’s footsteps by allowing herself to be photographed wearing pants!

Pants, as you’re probably aware, are strictly forbidden to unmarried Duggar women, who are required to wear long skirts at all times.

Once they’re married, they can buy a pair of Levi’s with their husband’s permission.

Jana Duggar: Wearing Pants?
Photo via Instagram

Jana has worn pants before, but it’s usually while engaged in some sort of athletic activity such as bike-riding.

And just to be safe, she usually crops the offending article of clothing out of the shot, as in the photo above.

This time, however, Jana just posted her individually-encased legs on Instagram as though she’s been doing it her whole life:

Photo via Instagram

Maybe she felt she couldn’t crop her legs out without cropping out Grace Duggar, John David’s 8-month-old daughter.

Or maybe she just decided she was fed up with Jim Bob’s regulations.

Either way, Jana’s latest post represents a subtle but significant shift in her feelings toward her father.

Jana Duggar In Pants!
Photo via Instagram

She’s clearly decided that some things are more important than not offending Jim Bob.

Hopefully, this will lead her to more significant acts of rebellion.

But even if this is as far as she’s willing to go, it’s still sending a powerful message to the man in power.