Big Brother Recap: Game Over for Janelle and Kaysar?

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Ever since Big Brother: All-Stars was announced, the only two names fans wanted back in the house were Janelle Pierzina and Kaysar Ridha. 

They played together on Big Brother 6 and 7, and were a force to be reckoned with. 

Much to the chagrin of the show's rabid fans, they entered Big Brother as big targets. 

Janelle Pierzina and Kaysar Ridha

As such, they've been scrambling to create an alliance to start taking shots at the other side of the house. 

During Thursday's new episode, they schemed to try to get everyone to vote out David in order to keep Nicole A in. 

Nicole's response? To ridicule them because she thought they were not fighting for her, despite their pleas to keep her in the game. 

It was totally absurd and highlighted the pitfalls of competing on back-to-back seasons because this was not the Nicole who won America's Favorite Player last season. 

Nicole Anthony on Big Brother

Nicole tried to get the votes, but her conversation with Da'Vonne was telling. Da'Vonne was not working with David, but she refused to evict him because he is African-American. 

David, however, flat out told Da'Vonne to leave him to his own devices, and that he was not working with her. 

The common rule in Big Brother is that you don't create an enemy out of a friend, and that's exactly what he did with Da'Vonne. 

Should we really be surprised? He was booted on the premiere last season in a twist, but some thought he was a good player. 

When it came to the live vote and eviction, David and Nicole A were both still on the block and there was no way to change that. 

Janelle Pierzina on Big Brother

David gave a lame speech about enjoying the game, while Nicole's was more pointed at the people who are not being true to themselves. 

- Tyler votes to evict:

- Nicole Enzo votes to evict: David

- Christmas votes to evict: Nicole

- Kevin votes to evict: David

- Janelle votes to evict: Nicole

Kaysar Ridha on Big Brother

- Da’Vonne votes to evict: Nicole

- Kaysar votes to evict: Nicole

- Bayleigh votes to evict: Nicole

- Cody votes to evict: Nicole

- Ian votes to evict: Nicole

Cody and Nicole on Big Brother

- Franzel votes to evict: Nicole

- Dani votes to evict: Nicole

Nicole A was evicted by a vote of 10-2, and she was livid when she learned that Kaysar and Janelle fought to keep her in the game. 

The HOH competition featured the houseguests earning points by hurling beers down a table to land on a number. 

They had three tables each.

Tyler Crispen

Here is how the points shook out. 

Cody – 4 points

Enzo – 8 points

David – 6 points

Christmas – 8 points

Day – 7 points

Kevin – 7 points

Tyler Crispen - Big Brother Season 20

Ian – 10 points

Franzel – 9 points

Dani – 4 points

Tyler – 12 points

Bayleigh – 7 points

Bayleigh Dayton Is Not Amused

Janelle – 11 points

Kaysar – 5 points

That means Tyler is the new HOH, and given that he is in a majority alliance that is anti-Jaysar, we can expect one or both of them on the block come Friday. 

The safety suite is still in play, but it's kind of worthless. The people who can still play are in Tyler's alliance. 

Big Brother continues Sundays at 8/7c. 

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