David Eason Avoids Jail Time In Assault With Deadly Weapon Case!

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It's often been said that Jenelle Evans' chronically unemployed husband David Eason is completely lacking in talent -- but that's not quite true.

Over the course of his adult life, David has demonstrated a remarkable talent for avoiding jail time in situations where less privileged people would have been sent up the river!

David Eason Stupid

And now, it seems he's managed to weasel his way out of jail time yet again!

According to a new report from The Ashley's Reality Roundup, the Assault with a Deadly Weapon and Communicating Threats charges that led to Eason's arrest in June have both been dropped.

The charges stemmed from an incident in which David pistol-whipped James Spivey, a friend of Jenelle's who had arrived at the Eason's home to help her move out amid one of the couple's many breakups.

David Eason, Wife

David does not deny bludgeoning Spivey with a gun, but he claims he was acting in self-defense after Spivey struck him with coat rack.

After he was released from custody, Eason filed charges against Spivey, which enabled him to strike the deal that led to his case being thrown out of court.

“For the [rescheduled] court date, David’s lawyer appeared on his behalf and David wasn’t present,” a source told The Ashley.

David Eason on His Gram

“Both parties agreed to drop the charges against each other, and also agreed that they would have no contact at all. There was no official ‘no contact’ order placed through the court, though, just a verbal agreement was made.”

The agreement will reportedly bring an end to this situation, so long as Eason and Spivey continue to keep their distance from one another.

“A new court date was scheduled but has since been cancelled, since both parties agreed to the terms and the papers have been filed with the court. The judge signed off on it,” the insider continued.

Eason and Goat

“That next court date was scheduled in case either party backed out of the agreement, but since neither did, the date has been cancelled.”

As The Ashley points out, David is still set to appear in court two more times before the year is out.

He'll be in front of a judge on August 31 in connection with an incident in which he towed a stranger's car without permission.

David Eason on The Land

After that, it's back to the Columbus County Courthouse on October 30, where David will enter a plea on charges of driving with a revoked license.

Of course, it's unlikely that either of those cases will result in jail time for David, which means his winning streak is likely to continue.

But hey, we guess all this successful weaseling will make it that much sweeter when Dog-Killer David eventually gets what's coming to him!

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