David Eason Heads to Court For Towing Stranger's Car: Will He Go to Jail?

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Brushes with the law are not uncommon in the Teen Mom universe -- but no one has a rap sheet anywhere near as long as Jenelle Evans' or David Eason's.

The situation is so bad that it's news when these two manage to go a month without ending up in court.

Jenelle might actually have more arrests than David, but Eason is giving her a run for her money in that department.

But thus far despite multiple brushes with the law -- including a visit from the Secret Service -- David has not been hauled off in cuffs in the past year.

Of course, that doesn't mean he's keeping his nose clean.

Take a look at the latest on David's most recent brush with the law:

1. Danger Dave

Danger Dave
David was fired from Teen Mom 2 over a year ago, but he still documents all his stupid stunts on social media.

2. Keeping Busy

Keeping Busy
David tried to launch a boat cleaning business, but even with Jenelle's startup capital, the whole thing went bust, leaving Dave with an awful lot of time on his hands.

3. Making a Name For Himself

Making a Name For Himself
And so, David turned his attention to other efforts in his ongoing attempt to remain relevant. Of course, most of those efforts were colossally stupid ...

4. Tow Matters

David launched his own YouTube channel, which featured Jack Ass-style "stunts" like this one, in which David tows the car of a stranger who he claims blocked him into a parking space.

5. Missing the Point

Missing the Point
Of course, Jack Ass never victimized random people, and it looks as though David is the one who blocked the other driver in, but hey ... he's trying.

6. See? He's Still Relevant

That little stunt earned David a spot on the evening news! Any publicity is good publicity when you and your wife are both woefully unqualified for real employment.

7. Yeah, Right...

Yeah, Right...
In keeping his policy of lying about everything all the time, David tried to claim that the other driver was a friend of his who was in on the joke.

8. Angry Dave

Angry Dave
Yeah, that excuse fell apart when the driver of the other car filed charges against David.

9. On the Hook

On the Hook
Now, Eason is facing charges for “Injury to Personal Property” and “Tampering with a Vehicle.”

10. Interesting Strategy

Interesting Strategy
For reasons that aren't entirely clear, David's court date keeps getting pushed back.

11. A Dave In Court

A Dave In Court
His trial date was pushed back until Monday of this week, at which time, David appeared in court as scheduled ...

12. Delaying the Inevitable?

Delaying the Inevitable?
Only to have his trial pushed back yet again, this time until June 3.

13. Actual Consequences?

Actual Consequences?
“If he does not attend, an order for his arrest will be issued,” a court clerk for New Hanover County tells The Ashley's Reality Roundup.

14. Of Course He Can't Just Have a Normal Trial

Of Course He Can't Just Have a Normal Trial
The clerk confirmed to the Ashley that another continuance was issued on Monday. But that's not the weirdest thing about this case ...

15. Too Good

Too Good
Amazingly, it seems David has not hired an attorney and might be planning to represent himself in court.

16. Please Let This Happen

Please Let This Happen
“He may be trying to do it on his own,” the clerk stated. “There is no attorney listed on file [for David in the case]. Either he or his attorney was required to attend [the hearing] today.”

17. Dragging It Out

Dragging It Out
The clerk also speculates that the frequent continuances are a strategy on the part of David's legal team (read: David).

18. At Least It's a Strategy?

At Least It's a Strategy?
“They’re trying to [push] the case out as long as possible," says the clerk.

19. Perhaps ...

Perhaps ...
Maybe David thinks if he keeps pushing this thing back, the world will come to and before he's forced to stand trial. It wouldn't be the dumbest idea he's ever had.

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