Jenelle Evans: David Eason Might Beat Up Me & My Friends, But I Can't Leave!

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Last week, former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans' terrible husband, David Eason, was arrested twice in one 48-hour period.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason in NY

Obviously, Dave's no stranger to the slammer, but these dueling run-ins with the law were bonkers even by his lofty standards.

The first pinch was relatively tame.

According to The Ashley's Reality Roundup, David was hauled into the Columbus County Jail in North Carolina for failure to appear in court on a misdemeanor charge. Big deal, right?

Dave Eason

He was released on $1,000 bail ... but of course, the North Carolina swamp monster wouldn't be a free man for very long.

David was picked up again by law enforcement personnel on Friday night, this time for assault with a deadly weapon.

Apparently, David pistol-whipped a male friend of Jenelle's when he and another unidentified male arrived on The Land.

Actually Dressed Up

The friend showed up on the famed property in order to help Jenelle collect some of her belongings after a fight.

Eason was taken into custody a little before 10 p.m. following the alleged assault, but later released on bond.

(We're pretty sure David is single-handedly funding the Columbus County Sheriff's Department at this point.)

David Eason, Wife

Anyway, the 28-year-old Jenelle took to Facebook to clear the air after word of Eason's latest arrests got out.

"I'M SAFE AND SO ARE THE KIDS!" she began.

(Some fans took issue with Evans seemingly making her own safety a higher priority than that of her kids, but we imagine this was a pretty stressful time, so we'll cut her some slack.)

Jenelle and David Sittin' on a Porch

She said she's shaken up by all this, and taking some time to reflect before taking David back and pretending like this never happened and y'all are crazy for criticizing her perfect spouse.

Just kidding. But she is "taking a break."

Cuddling with Jenelle

Evans wrote:

"I'm going to take a few days out to myself to gather my thoughts and focus on what's going on so I won't be on social media much."

"I love you all for the support that you all have shown me and I'll be stronger and better than ever soon!"

Jenelle with David and Ensley

Jenelle has made similar promises many, many times in the past, but amazingly, it seems she actually stuck to her word this time.

At least for the time being. She did tweet earlier today, but only to clarify that she's not entering the porn biz. 

Crucial distinction.

Jenelle's World

Jenelle has a new subscription-based site, and it seems some fans were under the impression that the "exclusive content" she's offering would be of the risque variety.

"Let’s get this straight... my new subscription website is family oriented and a bunch of old content and new content I’ve had saved on my phone for years," she tweeted.

Jenelle Rides a Duck

"Please don’t get this mixed up with 'OnlyFans because it’s not."

So there ya have it.

Obviously, she's not interested in talking about her relationship at the moment, and many fans think that's a bad sign.

Jenelle Launches a Website

Jenelle has left David several times in the past, and each time, she ranted and raved about what a jerk he is.

Granted, she always takes but it seems like this time, she's not even gonna make him work for it.

Sure, she talked about leaving David in her first interview, but that's almost a routine requirement at this point.

David Eason and Jenelle Evans: In Love

"I'm upset how everything ended up and wish the situation was taken in a more serious manner, I didn't agree with the unsecured bond," she told celebrity gossip site Celebernation over the weekend.

Evans added that it's "time for me to move on from this relationship and find happiness for my kids and myself elsewhere."

"I'm shaking and saddened by this."

Jenelle Evans Oiled Up

But as far as anyone can tell, she's still living on The Land - and so is David.

What we're saying is, don't get your hopes up. Not even a little bit.

It's not a good sign that Jenelle is keeping a low profile.

Jenelle and David Eason

She makes her living entirely from social media these days, which means that if she had good news to report -- along the lines of filing for a divorce from Eason -- she'd be posting about it.

When David killed her dog, Jenelle at least fled the state for a while.

This time, it looks like she's skipped straight to the makeup stage.

Jenelle Evans Curves

Expect a statement explaining that David Eason is a changed man and that people need to cut him some slack because they don't know him like she does or some BS.

Sometime in the next few days. Count on it.

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