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Christine Brown is seemingly trying her hardest.

She appears to be well aware that her family is struggling financially and she’s really doing all she can to help.

Here’s the thing, however…

Christine Brown is Very Sadd

… Sister Wives fans are quite confused over what, exactly, Christine is doing these days.

The veteran TLC personality has long been a LuLaRoe salesperson.

And while not as successful at pedding this line of clothing as fellow Kody spouse Meri Brown, Christine has managed to at least carve out some sort of niche by signing on for this role.

She may soon be out of this job, though.

Photo via Instagram

As previously reported, LuLaRoe is facing a lawsuit — and may be out of business in the near future.

In January of 2019, the State of Washington sued company founders Mark Stidham and DeAnne Brady, alleging they’re running an illegal pyramid scheme… while also misleading income claims, along other shady activities.

Yes, Meri and Christine do pretty well for themselves.

But plenty of other people have actually lost money as part of the LuLaRoe family.

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A hearing for this lawsuit is scheduled for this summer and there’s at least some possibility that it all gets shut down.

Christine is apparently prepared for this worst case scenario, though.

In May 2020, Brown registered the limited liability corporation "Cbrown Quest LLC."

And that’s … all we know about it. We know the name and nothing more.

There is nothing mentioned in the filing about the company it in terms of its domain – entertainment, retail, etc.

Christine Brown on an Episode

So, your guess is as good as ours here.

But props to Christine for taking any sort of step at all, especially as more information surfaces about just how much Kody Brown spent to move his family to Flagstaff, Arizona.

The whole thing is reportedly costing the Browns about $1.8 million — and there’s no real way of knowing how Kody plans to recoup this investment.

There’s just one sunk cost after another in Arizona for this family.

Christine Brown and Kody
Photo via Instagram

Just how bad have things gotten for Kody and company?

His daughter (with Christine) is in need of a surgery that costs $50,000… and Christine has had to fund the procedure by begging her followers for money.

It’s unclear exactly where this fund-raising stands at the moment and/or how badly the teenager needs the surgery.

But this much is apparent: Kody’s terrible decision-making has placed his family on the verge of financial ruin.