Meri and Christine Brown: Why They May Soon Be Out of a Job

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Note to Kody Brown:

You may need to get an actual job one of these days.

Why? Because your cash cow may soon be put out to pasture... in a manner of speaking, that is.

meri and chris

According to a recent run of rumors and speculation, Meri Brown bankrolls her family.

She does so via the success of her bed and breakfast in Utah and also due to the success of her work with LuLaRoe, as Meri is one of the clothing company's best salespeople.

Now, however, Meri's latter job may be in jeopardy.

And the same can be theorized for Christine Brown, who has also brought in some bucks by selling LuLaRoe apparel online.

Meri Brown in Flagstaff, Arizona

The basis for why is kind of complicated, but try to follow along, okay?

In January of 2019, the State of Washington sued LuLaRoe founders Mark Stidham and DeAnne Brady, alleging they were running an illegal pyramid scheme, while also misleading income claims, along other shady activities.

In the lawsuit, LuLaRoe is accused of:

"Primarily rewarding participants on recruitment of new participants rather than on bona fide retail sales, thereby resulting in a substantial percentage of participants losing money.”

Meri Brown and Her Shirt

Christine and, especially, Meri may have made a lot of money through their role within this organization.

But the lawsuit claims that most participants have gotten ripped off.

And here's the kicker:

The Plaintiff asked the Court issue a “permanent injunction enjoining and restraining” Defendants and their employees from “continuing or engaging in the unlawful conduct.”

Christine Brown on an Episode

Put more simply?

The goal of this website is to put LuLaRoe out of business.

The Washington Attorney General said in a press release at the time of the lawsuit:

“LuLaRoe tricked consumers into buying into its pyramid scheme with deceptive claims of high profits and refunds for unsold merchandise.

"Instead, many Washingtonians lost money and were left with piles of unsold merchandise and broken promises from LuLaRoe. It’s time to hold LuLaRoe accountable for its deception."

Christine Brown Breaks a Sweat

As mentioned above, this lawsuit was filed a long time ago.

But the legal process can be very slow moving a hearing is set for August regarding the Defendants’ motion for a summary judgment.

For whatever it's worth, the Better Business Bureau has given the company a B- rating, with some participants complaining online that the company is a straight-up scam.

“LuLaRoe still owes me $120.66 from a credit for returned clothing," this person wrote.

"I had that credit on my account when I quit being a consultant for them back on 9/18/2018 and was told that it would be refunded to me. After numerous attempts I still have not been paid.”

Meri Brown in Red, White and Blue

In general, this news couldn't come at a worse time for the Browns.

Kody is reportedly desperate for cash because he's paying multiple mortgages on numerous homes and still has no plans to develop the property he purchased at Coyote Pass.

Christine even said on the most recent season of Sister Wives the family of was “drowning” financially following their move from Nevada to Arizona.

Now? If LuLaRoe goes under?

Kody and his spouses may no longer have a monetary life raft.

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