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You guys, we’re starting to think that Farrah Abraham may not be the best mother in the world.

No, it’s true!

Just hear us out, okay?

Farrah Abraham Rap Photo

The former Teen Mom OG star — who lost her job due to a penchant for appearing in amateur adult Web cam videos and who may be investigated by CPS due to her unruly behavior — is at it once again.

This time, she may have really gone too far with 11-year old daughter, Sophia, too.

Earlier this week, Abraham recorded herself pretending to rap along to to the lyrics of "Famous" by Iamsu! featuring Dej Loaf and K Camp.

The controversial clip features Farrah gesticulating wildly… along with Sophia donning a black hooded sweatshirt and holding a pup, with makeup drawn on her face to make it appear that she has a unibrow and goatee.

Photo via TikTok

You really need to see the screen captures above and below to gain a full understanding here.

Aside from rocking this outfit, Sophia also moves her mouth in the video to the following lyrics:

"It don’t even make sense. Put the Rollie on my wrist, so they know what time it is."

Photo via TikTok

Abraham then takes it from there.

She leaps into the frame, acts like her fingers are a gun and lip-syncs:

"He just wanna f**k with me cause I’m the one. He got all the drugs and I got all the guns."

The 29-year-old is wearing a white crop top and high-waisted shorts as she goes through these actions.

Photo via TikTok

Just days ago, Farrah made headlines of all the wrong kinds for smacking Sophia with a purse.

She also complained this month about how haters jump down her throat for nearly any TikTok dance she and Sophia partake in, whining about some kind  of double standard.

In this case, however, it’s not exactly hard to see why so many users are taking issue with Abraham for the whole drugs and guns thing.

"This is absolutely disgusting but I have come to expect nothing but grotesque parenting from a grotesque human being," wrote one person Reddit, adding;

"Also she looks horrific and has zero rhythm or sex appeal. I hope she is saving enough money for Sophias therapist when she is older."

A fellow Reddit user replied that they’re "not even sure the most accoladed therapist could fix this damage."

And then another individual chimed in as follows: "Ugh my granddaughter can’t listen to that music until she understands it."

"What did I just watch?" wondered another confounded man or woman, asking simply: "Wtf is this…?"

We really wish we had an answer to that inquiry, but we’ve been posing it in regard to Farrah for years.

Farrah Abraham Gestures Excitedly

The single mother only recently came under fire for sharing a different bizarre TikTok clip of her playfully wielding various items alongside her child… including a vibrator.

In the wild footage, Farrah picks up the vibrator and nearly hits her daughter with it.

"That was an online trend about doing quirky things and hitting people in the face with [stuff]," Abraham said in her defense, speaking to Us Weekly.

"I don’t really feel like I can be shamed when I protect my child. I educate my daughter. We have so much fun on TikTok. I think I’m doing pretty great."