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Clare Crawley only just landed at the brand new Bachelorette resort.

She only just started filming Season 16.

We’re not even sure whether or not the beautiful lead star has met any of her potential husbands just yet.

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Nevertheless, however, a front-runner has reportedly emerged for Clare’s heart and, therefore, her ring finger.

According to the Internet, at least.

A day after ABC released the names, ages and home towns of the 42 (yes, 42!!!!!) men who will be competing for Clare’s affections, one suitor has managed to break through.

One suitor has received more attention than any other, which may not mean he ends up down on one knee on the upcoming finale.

Clare Crawley Promo Pic

But, hey, you never know! He just may end up taking this romantic action!

Mike Tobin is 38 years old… from Calgary, Alberta, Canada… and is wearing a red plaid shirt in his first promotional photo that observers simply adore.

“My brother Mike is truly looking for love, so he is definitely a good bet!” Tobin’s sister, Jen Tobin Zurowski, wrote in a comment on Facebook after the following snapshot went viral.

So this also means he has a close relationship with his sibling. Worth keeping in mind.

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Canadians, of course, are also known for being nice. So Mike has that going for him as well.

The foreigner’s Instagram bio indicates that he is a photographer involved in visual communications, slick videos, photos and graphics. He sounds smart!

The only strike against Tobin at the moment?

Crawley was once engaged to a different Canadian, Benoit Beauséjour-Savard, the hairstylist she met on Bachelor Winter Games, a spinoff inspired by the 2018 Winter Olympics.

This could mean that she has an affinity for men from up north… or that she’ll want a change and will be seeking an American this season.

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"He’s the perfect age and genuine looking,” one fan wrote on Facebook. “Clare and him would look good together!"

“I have a really good feeling about this one,” another fan added. “If he doesn’t end up with Clare, I get big next Bachelor (after Matt James) vibes."

It’s perhaps also worth noting that Mike garnered the most Likes — over 6.6 thousand in under 48 hours — and the most Comments on Facebook of all 42 of Clare’s gentlemen callers.

Shall we just call it now then? Shall we send out a The Bachelorette Spoilers Alert that names Mike Tobin the winner?

Clare Crawley, Everyone!

It may be too early for that.

Especially when you consider that Clare hasn’t even smelled Tobin yet and we all know how important that is to her.

Still, keep the name Mike Tobin in mind. He may be The One, you guys.

But first he must outcompete and outlast the following attractive contestants: