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As you’re probably aware, Peter Weber is still dating Kelley Flanagan following one of the most random twist endings in Bachelor history.

Against all odds, the relationship is getting serious, and we learned this week that Peter and Kelley are planning to move to New York together.

Peter and Kelley (The Bachelor)

Exciting stuff!

Of course, they have some old business to deal with before they enter the cohabitation stage of their relationship.

That messy ending we referred to earlier?

Yeah, it sounds like that’s still very much on Kelley’s mind, and Peter has been attempting to do some damage control in recent interviews,

Pete Weber and Madison Prewett

Earlier this week, the couple sat down with Entertainment Tonight’s Lauren Zima, and Peter addressed the bonkers circumstances that nearly prevented him from getting together with Kelley.

As you’ll likely recall, Peter sent Kelley packing before the hometown round.

He then got engaged to Hannah Ann Sluss, before eventually getting bored and ghosting her.

Peter Weber and Sluss

Here’s where things begin to get really messy.

For months now, the established narrative has held that Peter briefly dated Madison Prewett, but the relationship fizzled within a couple of days.

But now, Peter’s saying that isn’t true.

"To be straight up … we didn’t even get in a relationship again,” he old Zima on Tuesday.

Madison Prewett and Peter Weber

”I know they say, ‘Oh it’s 24 or 48 hours. That was the shortest relationship ever!’ We never committed to a relationship,” he added.

”We went our own separate ways. I don’t look back, she doesn’t look back — but I think some people think that we got back together.”

That conflicts with Madison’s version of events in several important ways, not the least of which is her claim that Peter was still texting her regularly when he first traveled to visit Kelley back in March.

Pete Weber and Madison Prewett

Peter’s web of lies appears to be unraveling here, but it probably won’t matter in the end, as Kelley doesn’t seem to care, and the guy has likely never suffered a consequence in his entire life.

It seems Peter’s approach here will be to simply shrug off the inconsistencies in his and Madison’s stories, and chalk the whole thing up to the zaniness of reality TV dating.

“I think it was an awkward, weird situation that we were all going through,” Weber told ET about Prewett’s claims.

Madison Prewett Crying

“Yeah, we all signed up for it, so we had to live through it, but I have truly no ill will towards anyone. I want the best for them.”

Adding to the awkwardness is the fact that Kelley reportedly developed close friendships with both Madison and Hannah Ann during filming.

“I have no ill will towards Madison. I think she’s a great girl. It’s just this whole, the whole situation is like, awkward and that sucks,” she told Zima.

Kelley Flanagan, Peter Weber on July 4

"Because her and I were texting, I gave her a call and told her exactly what happened," she added.

"She said, ‘That’s fine, thank you so much for calling me. I really respect you and our friendship — the fact that you’re willing to call me and tell me this.’ Her and I were fine.”

Yes, it sounds like the strategy favored by both Peter and Kelley is to sweep the past under the rug and never think about it again.

Peter and Kelley Play Polo

That’s their prerogative, of course, but the more they talk about it publicly, the more likely people are to point out that they’re being more than a little delusional.

In response to observations about how weird it is that he sent the love of his life home in fifth place, Peter has attempted to normalize the situation by pointing out that most people don’t marry their high school sweethearts, and thus, also didn’t stick with their "first choice."

Obviously, there are a few problems with that analogy.

Photo via Instagram

Most people also didn’t have sex with their high school sweetheart, encourage them to audition for a dating show, dump them on national TV, get engaged to someone else, and then come back to them a few months later.

Look, Peter and Kelley are free to do whatever they want, and we’re happy for them.

But if he keeps lying about the way things played out, he should expect that people are gonna continue to call him on it.

Just sayin’.