Hannah Ann Sluss and Madison Prewett Embark on Date Night: We Don't Need Peter Weber!

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If you watched Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor, you might have wound up feeling confused, frustrated, and more than a little angry at the end.

So you can imagine how Hannah Ann Sluss and Madison Prewett must have felt!

We only had to watch as Peter stomped on people's emotions while he struggled to make up his mind like a petulant child in an ice cream shop.

They had to live through it!

You'd think after an experience like that, these would want nothing to do with one another.

After all, who wants to be reminded of the time they were dumped by a mama's boy on national TV?

But something remarkable happened this week -- Hannah Ann and Madison revealed that they enjoy a closer bond than either of them ever had with Peter.

Take a look:

1. Peter-less

You might think that Hannah Ann Sluss and Madison Prewett would hate each other -- or at least that they would want nothing to do with one another.

2. And Loving It

And Loving It
But this week, Peter Weber's exes revealed that they have more in common than just a weakness for commercial airline pilots.

3. Corona Chillin'

Corona Chillin'
Yes, LA might still be locked down, but the pandemic didn't prevent Madison and Hannah Ann from donning their masks and settling down for a seaside takeout picnic.

4. Date Night!

Date Night!
"Date night! Guess who I'm with?" Hannah Ann said in an Instagram Story before bringing Madison on camera.

5. Dating Done Right

Dating Done Right
When their beach date came to an end, the ladies proceeded back to Hannah Ann's to do some baking.

6. Cookies > Peter

Cookies > Peter
"[Night] time cuddles and cookies…and more desserts to come," Sluss captioned her story.

7. The Big Issues

The Big Issues
The twosome invited fans along as they wrestled with the toughest of questions -- namely, Pillsbury or Toll House?

8. The Perfect Ending

The Perfect Ending
After that, they headed back to Hannah Ann's where they curled up in front of the television.

9. Unpleasant Memories

Unpleasant Memories
Here's hoping they didn't watch any reruns from Peter's season of The Bachelor. No one needs to go back down THAT road!

10. We're Loving It

We're Loving It
Hannah Ann referred to the evening as a "special night," and of course, her fans were loving the frequent updates.

11. The Ali Seal of Approval

The Ali Seal of Approval
"You two are…beyond adorable!" Ali Ali Fedotowsky wrote in the comments section. "So glad you two are friends!"

12. Tammy's On Board!

Tammy's On Board!
"Name a better duo," added Tammy Ly, a contestant from Hannah Ann and Madison's season. "I'll wait."

13. Another Twist?

Another Twist?
Many of Hannah's followers expressed shock that she and Madison are such close friends.

14. Picking Up Clues

Picking Up Clues
But for those who have been paying close attention to the pair's post-Peter interactions, the friendship didn't come as much of a surprise.

15. Secret Besties

Secret Besties
"We were really good friends on the show," Sluss recently told Nick Viall on his Viall Files podcast, "really good friends actually."

16. Through the Wringer

Through the Wringer
Still, despite Hannah Ann and Madison's frequent claims that there's no bad blood between them, it's not hard to see why so many were surprised to see them hanging out.

17. Major Turbulence

Major Turbulence
Hannah Ann accepted Peter's proposal, only to essentially get ghosted so that he would be free to pursue a relationship with Madison.

18. Rough Landing

Rough Landing
Madison's romance with Peter only lasted about two days after the show ended, but she also had her heart broken when he prioritized Fantasy Suite hookups (with Hannah Ann and Victoria Fuller) over their relationship.

19. The Model Life

The Model Life
The women were also living very different lives before the show. Hannah was making a living as a model.

20. A More Modest Existence

A More Modest Existence
Madison, on the other hand, was living with her folks in Alabama and helping prospective parents through the adoption process.

21. Opposite Coasts

Opposite Coasts
These days, Hannah is making a name for herself in LA, while Madison is back in Alabama.

22. Weird Stuff

Weird Stuff
Peter, of course, is jetting back and forth between LA and Chicago, as he pursues a relationship with attorney Kelley Flanagan, who finished in fifth place on the show.

23. Crash and Burn

Crash and Burn
Yeah, Pilot Pete's season certainly contained plenty of surprises, and a lot of folks weren't thrilled with the outcome.

24. Quite an Honor

Quite an Honor
In fact, many believe that Peter has earned the title of Worst Bachelor of All-Time!

25. Happy Ending

Happy Ending
But hey, if the Hannah Ann-Madison friendship is the only good thing that came out of his season, then we're alright with that.

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