Mykelti Brown Admits: The Sister Wives Children Are Not Close!

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Mykelti Brown has decidded to put an end to the speculation.

The daughter of Kody and Christine Brown, Mykelti sat alongside her husband, Tony, this past Sunday for an Instagram Q&A with followers.


At one point, as previously discussed, she confirmed that some serious tension exists between her dad and his first wife, Meri.

At another point, Mykelti was asked if she's close with her 17 siblings, responding with some hedging, hemming and hawing at first.

“The older kids are a little bit closer, well, sometimes," she replied.

"When we were younger the older kids were really, really close. But the hardest part of maintaining a relationship with any of your siblings or parents is if you decide to move away."

Mykelti Brown

Indeed, the Browns moved from Utah to Arizona two years ago, taking their school-aged kids with them in the process.

“The distance makes a strain," Mykelti admitted, adding:

"It makes it hard. I am close with most of my siblings. I wouldn’t say all because I barely know Ariella and Solomon and Truly because they’re just so young."

There's some kind of irony in the fact that plural marriages often exist so that very large families can be created... only for the members of those family not to know each other very well.

Brown, Mariah

Concluded Mykelti on this topic:

"I would say I’m close with most of my siblings, not all of them.

"I’m best friends with a couple of them as well. But being far from people and having such different lives does put a strain on it actively.

"We’re related so I have to love them."

Sister Wives Promo Pic

The subject matter of Kody's many kids is relevant at the moment because two of them are feuding.

Earlier this month, Paedon told a Reddit user "I love [half-sister[ Mariah very much but we can’t stand each other."

He said this in response to the suggestion that Paedon should call Mariah to hash out their differences after the former posted on Instagram “back the blue,” along with the hashtag "#bluelivesmatter."

This would seem to strongly imply that Paedon, whose mother is Christine Brown, takes issue with the Black Lives Matter movement.


Mariah, who has blasted President Donald Trump for his anti-LGBT views and policies, is an outspoken supporter of this push for social justice.

So is Mariah's fiancee, Audrey, who fired back at Paedon on Reddit as follows:

“Black lives matter and I cannot BELIEVE some of the things you’ve said here...

"That’s not what you were thinking when you called [Mariah] crying weeks ago."

Meri with Mariah

Meri has since come out and showed support for her daughter amid this mess, Mykelti remained neutral when asked about it on Instagram.

“Everyone has their own beliefs," she said.

"Everyone has their own opinions. It’s up to them what they decide to do and share with it.”

Mykelti concluded by explaining that she gets breakfast weekly with Paedon and that Mariah is not estranged from the family.

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