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Kylie Jenner has been known to adopt the appearance of people she admires.

The most famous example, of course, is when Kylie transformed into Kim Kardashian to the point that fans legitimately had a hard time telling them apart.

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See what we mean?

It’s cool that Kylie holds her sister in such high regard, but the style mimicry was a little eerie.

Obviously, these days, Kylie has a look of her own, and her individuality has grown with her success.

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Kylie is the world’s youngest self-made billionaire, so it makes sense that she’s not looking to copy anyone else.

But it seems she still believes that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Either that, or her best friend and quarantine buddy Stassie Karanikolaou has officially entered Single White Female mode.

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Either way, the besties are looking very, very similar these days.

The pic above was the first time that the two of them have collaborated on a post together in quite a while.

Recently, Kylie has been traveling with new boyfriend Fai Khadra.

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(Sorry, rumored new boyfriend Fai Khadra. And yes, apparently rich people are still allowed to hop between states.)

Which means that Stassie has probably had her friend’s $36 million mansion all to herself the past few weeks,

But now, the besties are reunited, and apparently, they were so happy about it that they decided to become identical.

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"Aaand we’re back," Kylie captioned the photo of herself and Stassie.

Karanikolaou reposted the pic on her own page, adding "Twin 4 life" as a caption.

Apparently, Kylie’s sisters were overjoyed by the news that she and her best friend have become indistinguishable.

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"Twins in Skims!!!" Kim Kardashian wrote, shouting out her signature shapewear line.

"Twinning!!!!" Khloe Kardashian added, shouting out … Jersey Shore from like 2012?

Anyway, the reaction from fans was somewhat less enthused.

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"This is scary," wrote one follower, as reported by UK tabloid The Mirror.

"Damn Stassie looking like a Kylie clone," another person commented.

"Why you guys wanna look the same doeeeee," a third chimed in.

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Kylie and Stassie have been friends for quite a while, but they’ve become particularly close over the past year, reportedly because Kylie needed someone to replace Jordyn Woods as her right-hand woman.

As you may recall, Woods slept with Tristan Thompson while he was dating Khloe Kardashian, and it seems her punishment was permanent exile from the Kar-Jenner clan.

Ironically, Thompson has been forgiven and welcomed back into Khloe’s life.

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Jordyn, however, is still persona non grata.

Kylie is basically a Roman emperor at this point — she governs by whim, and her subjects have no choice but to believe her rulings are just.

So tread lightly Stassie — Kylizzle could wake up one day and decide she’s sick of having a mini-me traipsing around her palace!